How to look after skin of neck and decollete

How to look after skin of neck and decollete

Skin of body demands just the same regular leaving, as well as the person. Special attention needs to be paid to neck and zone of decollete. These parts of body are not always protected by clothes therefore often suffer from negative impact of the environment: sunlight, dust, wind and so on.

Skin of decollete and neck is almost deprived of sebaceous glands and gipoderma – hypodermic and fat cellulose. For this reason these parts of body prematurely lose elasticity and elasticity. Will help to protect them from early sagging and appearance of wrinkles simple, but regular leaving.

Correct clarification

Skin of decollete and neck should be cleaned from pollution regularly. It is for this purpose better to use the same means, as for the person. The only exception – cosmetics for problem skin. As a rule, it has the drying property that is not suitable for gentle already dry skin of decollete and neck. At each removal of make-up you are not lazy to wipe with cosmetic cream or milk not only face, but also neck with decollete. After that surely delete the remains of the cleaning means with the cotton pad moistened with tonic.

Two times a week peel skin of decollete and neck srub with abrasive parts of synthetic origin. Unlike natural abrasives, in particular apricot stones, synthetic have more rounded shape and almost do not injure dry skin of so delicate parts of body. The srub should be washed away strong water jet circular movements on the direction from clavicles to chin. Thus it is possible not only to remove the keratosic cages and the remains of pollution, but also to improve microcirculation.

Moistening and nutrition

Regular clarification – only half-affairs on the way to beautiful skin of decollete and neck. To this point will be useful to add moistening and nutrition. If to you has not passed for thirty and age metamorphoses are still insignificant, it will be to be limited enough to daily putting cream with proteins, amino acids, vitamins and vegetable oils. It is necessary to do it in the morning and in the evening. Cream should be applied with easy massage movements from below up. It will humidify, will saturate and will tighten skin. At emergence of age changes by one cream it will be difficult to manage. It is necessary to adopt also anti-aging serum. If on neck cross wrinkles have developed, plucked massage will cope with them. For this purpose it is necessary to take fingers skin across wrinkle until it does not redden. Thus it is possible to improve considerably blood circulation, and then active agents of cream will be better acquired by skin. Respectively, plucked massage needs to be done before putting cream. For equal shade of skin on so delicate parts of body it is necessary to take for the rule one-two times a week to put before going to bed mask with the bleaching components. At any age useful will protect skin of neck and decollete from negative impact of ultraviolet. For this purpose every morning over the usual looking after means it is necessary to apply sunblock cream with protection factor not less than 10.

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