How to look after skin under eyes

How to look after skin under eyes

Skin under eyes is exacting, quickly dries and is easily irritated. Nevertheless, appropriate care can make it well humidified, without shadows and visible wrinkles.

Skin under eyes the thinnest, lipidic layer does not protect it therefore she grows old quicker. The sleepless nights, hours spent at the computer or mistake leave the mark in leaving on it. Fortunately, there are ways to help to solve problems and to eliminate consequences of cosmetic sins.

Ideal removal of cosmetics, is necessary condition for the correct leaving. If to neglect it, residues of ink and shadows can irritate conjunctiva and eyelids at night and also to interfere with skin regeneration. There are various medicines intended for removal of make-up: two-phase and micellar lotions. Their task is to remove cosmetics and at the same time to remove irritation.

Apply the moistened cotton pad, on eyelid and eyelashes, wait several seconds and carefully move it from eye, external to internal corner — do not rub and do not stretch skin. Repeat until the eyelid becomes completely clean. If you use gel or foam by means of which you wash not only eyes, but also all face, apply cosmetic to moist skin, accurately massage and, at last, rinse.

You apply special cream for eye area to clean skin. Such cosmetics has very light consistence, and is quickly absorbed. It, as a rule, is also deprived of aromas because in this place the sensitivity of extremely gentle skin can increase. Instead they contain vitamins and plant extracts which provide long moistening, improve microcirculation, stimulate synthesis of collagen and irritations calm.

In the evening you can put thicker layer of cream under eyes — he will act as the moistening and nutritious mask for the night. Be careful not to stretch skin — best of all to apply cream on finger-tips and to stroke it outside in eye.

The superficial vaskulyarization of skin under eyes causes ugly bruises - it is most often hereditary disease. In the same way hyperpegmentation, that is excessive production of melanin (skin pigment) as a result of which skin around eyes is more dark, than the rest of the person. How to deal with such problems? There are special cosmetics which will help you with it.

Eye creams on the basis of vitamins (generally vitamin C and vitamin K) with addition of caffeine or plant extracts are ideal — they improve microcirculation and elasticity of blood vessels, force them to be reduced, they prevent hypostases and clarify shadows. It is important to use them regularly and not to despond due to the lack of immediate effects — in several weeks you surely will notice them.

Dark circles which appear after bad night sleep... Red eyes after long work at the computer... Dry skin on which wrinkles are more noticeable... You can quickly cope with each of these problems. Reach cosmetics for special tasks. It can be, for example, collagenic eye plasters or impregnated with plant extracts with strong with the moistening and weakening properties.

Cosmetics containing components for microcirculation which have the applicator in the form of ball provide excellent and fast effect — it provides the weakening feeling of cool during light massage around eyes. It is worth cooling such cosmetic before using it in the fridge within several minutes because thus you also reduce vessels. Gel patches work similarly if you before them cooled in the freezer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team