How to look after the clarified hair

How to look after the clarified hair

Behind the clarified hair the special care is required. If it is bad to look after blonde head of hear, then soon it will turn into bast. It is necessary to diagnose constantly condition of the hair independently.


  1. It is worth approaching the choice of shampoo seriously. It is necessary to choose that which will suit you. It is desirable that it was bessulfatny and did not contain parabens. Shampoo has to clean carefully hair and head skin and also to fill hair with moisture as the decoloured hair often are overdried. It is worth paying the attention to the moisturizing shampoos.
  2. After washing of hair it is necessary to apply balm on all length of hair. Balsas should choose the same brand, as shampoo as they will supplement each other. Hair after balm will become softer and humidified.
  3. After balm it is worth drying a few hair towel. And after to apply mask on all length of hair. The mask can be restoring, moistening or any other. With masks it is worth experimenting, choosing for himself that which really will suit you. It is possible to change periodically not to cause accustoming of hair to certain product. Maybe you will make for yourself mask independently on what - that to the recipe, and it will be ideal for you.
  4. After you wash away mask from hair, dry the head of hear towel, it is possible to apply the strengthening oil or the restoring serum on moist hair. They will add to your hair even more gloss and forces. And if you have fine hair, and it is difficult to comb them, then serum will help you with the solution of this problem.
  5. Well and before drying and hair dressing it is necessary to put thermoprotection for hair it is as little as possible to do harm to hair and to injure them.
  6. After each coloring of hair it is quite good to make keratinaceous treatment which will recover your hair from roots to tips. Porous hair will become ideally smooth, and split ends will be sealed. Hair will take healthy form and will become silky.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team