How to look after wigs from natural hair

How to look after wigs from natural hair

Now wigs enjoy wide popularity among women. And it with an ulterior motive. Successfully picked up product can diversify your image, create new hairstyle of desirable length, color and texture. However it is not so easy to keep wig in good condition as it seems at first sight.


  1. Care for wigs from natural hair is similar to own hair care. First, it is necessary to apply only quality washing and other them care products to maintenance of life of such products and also to show careful attitude to the thing.
  2. Before washing of wig accurately comb hair, beginning from their tips and gradually moving ahead to roots. Avoid contact of brush with product basis. Remove all small knots.
  3. It is necessary to wash wig in water of room temperature without commission of sharp and vigorous movements. At the same time place the greatest emphasis on area of nape and forehead since these places more than others are subject to pollution.
  4. For preservation of life of natural hair and giving of natural look and silkiness to them use only the quality and checked balms. Rinse wig with cold water, watering with it in the direction from roots of hair to their tips.
  5. It is necessary to dry wig in a special way. Wrap damp product in dry towel and gently wring out before its full drying. It is not necessary to try to accelerate process of drying of thing, placing it near heat sources. It can lead to change of form of wig and hair loss. The dried-up product needs to be stirred up and combed carefully in the above-stated way. It is impossible to comb wet or moist hair.
  6. Quite often there are situations when the wig can not suit the woman in the original form, or she wishes to correct length of separate locks a little. In that case it is necessary to address the hairdresser for change of style of hairstyle.
  7. For long storage of wig it is better to use box or package in which you have got product. At the same time the wig has to be obligatory for dry. For the short-term maintenance and preservation of form it is recommended to use special supports for wigs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team