How to look beautiful after pregnancy

How to look beautiful after pregnancy

women feel discontent with the appearance during pregnancy. But if within 9 months this frustration is blocked by thoughts of the kid, then after the delivery together with fatigue and sleep debt it can lead to the real depression.

Pregnancy changes the woman not only morally, but also externally. There are joyful changes, for example, the increased breast, voluminous hair and gloss in eyes. And there are changes capable to cast grief: the gone waist, the stretched stomach, the got fat hips. Instead of being upset, it is necessary to get it together.

How to look after body

Under the influence of hormones after pregnancy the sweat glands of the woman begin to work more actively. Therefore first of all it is necessary to take care of personal hygiene. Take shower twice a day, use deodorants more often. Give preference to means without pronounced smell and refuse for a while perfume, it is important to child to feel mother's smell. Later few months it is after the delivery allowed to take heat bath.

Experts agree in opinion that it is necessary to return symmetry of figure within the first year after the delivery. The longer you will postpone this process, the it will be more difficult to you. Serious physical activities are contraindicated the first 6-8 weeks after the child's birth. However easy exercises can be done from the very beginning: you go more, do inclinations in the parties, squat. Carrying bandage promotes faster reduction of uterus and reduction of stomach. Gradually add exercise on press, hands and buttocks. You watch closely the state, at emergence of pain in stomach, postpone occupations for week - another.

To keep beauty of breast after the end of feeding, from the very beginning get and you regularly wear special bra for feeding. It will support breast, having warned otvisaniye, and will make process of feeding simpler. It is useful to zone decollete and contrast shower. All forces of female body are aimed at providing the kid with enough vitamins and useful substances. It can turn back skin peeling, fragility of nails. After evening shower regularly use the moisturizing lotions and creams, include more products containing calcium in the diet. In several months after the delivery most of women notice the amplified hair loss. Hormones are the reason of it. You should not panic and buy up expensive means, within half a year everything will get better by itself.

How to look after face skin

Storming hormones in organism of recently given rise woman have also an effect on type of pigmental spots and rash on face. The natural cleaning masks on the basis of clay and skin bleaching by sour cream, parsley, lemon juice will help to cope with them. During the period from March to October do not forget to use means with SPF filters before exit to the street, otherwise pigmentation will only become stronger. Daily clean face even if did not impose make-up. Instead of soap it is better to use the special means suitable your type of skin: gel, milk, lotion, etc. Using face creams, you remember the important rule: in the morning the skin is moisturized, and fed in the evening. Buying new cosmetic products which before never used, be not too lazy to test them on elbow bend of hand before application. Hormonal changes can become the cause of allergy. It is possible to improve complexion and to increase elasticity of skin, having included in the daily diet more fresh fruit, vegetables and greens. Do not hesitate to ask for help of relatives, the healthy sleep will do good not only your skin, but also will improve the general health. Sending the husband or parents for walk with the child, do not grab the postponed household chores at once. Have a sleep couple of hours or just lie down blindly.

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