How to look excellent without make-up

How to look excellent without make-up

The make-up is known since Ancient Egypt. Since then it has strongly entered life of women. However the natural appeal never gets out of fashion. True beauty - it inside!

It is required to you

  • Correct skin, eyebrows, eyelashes, lips care, positive emotions, positive spirit.


1. Perfectly only those women who have beautiful and healthy skin can look without make-up. Care for it begins with clarification. Skin daily is affected by various factors: sun, wind, various pollution. Usually this stage of care for skin is carried out before going to bed (or if necessary). The simplest clarification is washing with soap. It is suitable for normal skin. It is also possible to apply lotions and skins to washing. After clarification there is toning stage by means of tonics and lotions. They can be bought or prepared with own hand and to store in the fridge. Toning is followed by stage of moistening and nutrition by means of creams, anti-aging serums and oils.

2. Sensitive skin care. For sensitive skin with success the Japanese washing practices. At first clarification of the person by hydrophilic oil, and then - washing by large amount of foam is carried out. The special face foam is for this purpose got. Various masks and also application of srub of times a week go the addition to the program of care for face skin. Each woman individually selects the program of care for skin, proceeding from preferences, financial opportunities.

3. Eyelash and eyebrows care. Eyelashes and eyebrows also require care, and especially food. It becomes by means of various oils: castoric, oil of peach stones, jojoba and many others. Under the influence of oil of eyebrow and eyelash grow better, over time become stronger, cease to drop out, become more dense. It is convenient to apply oil by means of special brush. Or it is possible to wash out old ink and brush and to use them. It is possible to apply oil on eyebrows in any quantity if only did not flow down. And here with eyelashes it is necessary to be more careful. If to go too far, that is the risk to wake up with hypostases of eyes next morning. And the fact of hit of oil in eye - not really pleasant piece.

4. Lip care. Beautiful and bright lips are attractive also without lipstick. And for this purpose it is necessary to look after them. At all seasons of the year it is necessary to apply on them hygienic lipstick or oil. This moistening and nutrition. Also it is necessary to do various masks for lips. For example, honey: to apply usual honey on lips, to distribute on surface and to hold within 15-20 minutes. After that lips will become soft and gentle, and small folds will be smoothed. For removal of the keratosic parts from skin of lips it is necessary to use srub. Better if it is special srub for lips though it is possible to use also for the person. After srub the skin of lips should be moisturized well. Massage by toothbrush is very useful: devitalized parts are removed, and lips become much brighter. It is possible to carry out it though every day.

5. You should not forget that natural beauty is not only well-groomed person, but also presence of smile on it. Positive spirit despite everything, positive emotions, the correct reaction to problems and criticism from people around will help you to radiate good power. Remember that the thought is material. Therefore think only of good.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team