How to look expensively and simply: make-up and hairstyle

How to look expensively and simply: make-up and hairstyle

make bright make-up and at the same time not to look vulgar - very subtle art. These ideas will help you to master it in perfection.


  1. Add gloss to hair, straighten them the iron. Pay special attention to tone skin: it has to be equal, and skin - shining. Leave eyes without make-up, having concentrated the only color emphasis on lips. The similar image will allow you to look very effectively, but without search. Though, apparently, anything special, but wow - the effect is provided.
  2. For creation of such curls use the large curling iron. Also you can use the following approach: wash up the head, use means for volume. Then dry up roots, raising hair at the basis. And, at last, dry the bulk of hair, constantly rumpling hair in hands. Fix by varnish of easy fixing. To add volume, comb hair at roots a little and lay them on parting at the side. Add to shine skin by means of highlighter, and autosuntan, natural blush and lipstick of warm shade will help to achieve effect of kiss of the sun.
  3. Great option for girls who carry the average length of hair. Create easy waves by means of the curling iron and lay them on one party. Fix behind by invisible beings. The make-up has to be strict: equal tone of leather, mascara and bright lipstick - everything that it is necessary for you.
  4. Secret of this image - smart type of hair. Create easy waves, at the same time you watch closely that hair remained soft and silky. Create make-up in gentle tones without sharp contrast combinations (any arrows or bright cold lips).
  5. Use oils for giving of gloss to hair. Wind dense structural large curls. Give preference in make-up to deliberate negligence - by means of eyebrow gel comb your eyebrows up, for eyes use dark brown ink. It is important to keep faultlessness of tone of the person, having added it with natural pink shade of blush. For lips use the looking after balm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team