How to look freshen in the morning - simple councils

How to look freshen in the morning - simple councils

often in the mornings after dream, women should face different problems – hypostases, bags under eyes, elf-lock, etc. To eliminate all defects, a lot of time is required. Often we sacrifice breakfast, we do everything on the fly, but we do not receive ideal freshness. To wake up since morning fresh, it is necessary since evening correctly to look after itself, and in the morning – to continue necessary procedures.


  1. We observe the drinking mode there Is nothing worse, than to wake up with hypostases. Therefore in the second half of day limit intake of salt, and in couple of hours before going to bed you should not drink a lot of liquid.
  2. Forbidden napitkichtoba you had sound full-fledged sleep, it is worth refusing strong coffee and tea in the second half of day, and also not to accept alcohol at least in 3-4 hours prior to dream.
  3. We air the bedroom in the Evening surely air the sleeping room. Oxygen – the best means for your beauty and sound healthy sleep. It is not recommended to sleep in the stuffy room, in the room it has to be fresh.
  4. Cleaning of litsavsegd remove make-up before going to bed as it hammers time and does not allow skin to breathe that does it thinner and leads to fast aging.
  5. We apply night cream After preliminary cleaning, apply with thin layer night cream. However always pay attention to structure of means, it has to be natural to the maximum. It is necessary to apply cream with the patting movements by fingertips.
  6. We take relaxing bath to relax, take relaxing baths. Do not neglect sea salt, essential oils and bath foam. Such procedure helps to remove slags and to completely purify skin. But you watch temperature – it should not be too hot.
  7. VolosyEsli during the day you used laying means, hair need to be washed. If there is no such opportunity, will be to comb properly curls enough and to braid not hard braid without fixers. It will help to avoid elf-lock since morning.
  8. Correctly we get up with the postelena jump instantly from bed at alarm clock call. Wake up, stretch, dare to luxuriate couple of minutes in bed. Let's organism wake up and only then, without sharp movements, smoothly get up.
  9. Contrast dushnichto so does not load with energy as contrast shower. It improves blood supply, accelerates metabolism, the organism invigorates and tones up skin.
  10. Morning zaryadkadostatochno 10-15 minutes of smooth exercises to activate all organism and properly to cheer up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team