How to look fresher

How to look fresher

Sometimes the fleeting glimpse darted in mirror unpleasantly upsets. The dim complexion, inexpressive hairstyle, tired look – after contemplation of in similar image mood promptly spoils. Urgently get it together. Add yourself luster and gloss, improve health, and you will begin to look at once fresher and it is more beautiful.

It is required to you

  • - Peeling;
  • - the moisturizing cream;
  • - serum with effect of lifting;
  • - nutritious masks;
  • - decorative cosmetics.


1. The fresh and well rested appearance depends on way of life. Reconsider the diet. Exclude excess sugar, fats, strong tea and coffee. Instead regularly use fresh and boiled vegetables, citrus, mineral water and natural juice. The skin color will improve, eyes will begin to shine, the person will begin to look well-groomed.

2. You go out of doors more often. Two half-hour walks by fast pace – necessary minimum for achievement of good tone. Besides, such exercise will provide sound sleep without which beauty is impossible. The lack of dream guarantees you bags and shadows under eyes, hypostases and unhealthy shade of skin.

3. Pay attention to the correct leaving. That skin freshened also elastic, it needs to be cleaned regularly and to humidify daily. Two times a week you carry out soft acid peelings, it is the best of all to do them before going to bed. You put the moisturizing cream on the cleaned face. Try to conduct course of nutritious masks. Do them every other day for two weeks. Remove hypostases from face contrast compresses.

4. Touch-up – the correct make-up. Replace dense opaque foundation with easier means with reflective particles. It will disguise roughnesses of skin and will give it shine. Under make-up you apply serum with effect of lifting. It will instantly bring up the person and will open look.

5. Pick up eye shadow of soft shades. Postpone dark gray and black tone, doing look rigid, and the person more adult and severe. You apply on eyelids of shadow of silver-gray, green, golden-beige shades. Choose means with satin gloss, they will make look softer.

6. Do not forget about gloss. The drop of highlighter can be added to foundation or to cause nacreous tone pointwise: on temples, nose bridge and chin. The same effect can achieve by means of blush. Shade cheekbones and cheeks warm coral or salmon shade.

7. Apply translucent lipstick or color gloss of rose-red scale on lips – it very much refreshes image. In conclusion of make-up scatter on yourself toilet water with notes of fresh greens or white colors. Refresh it during the day that the light aroma accompanied you with imperceptible loop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team