How to look magnificent

How to look magnificent

To look magnificent is not only to possess the shining skin, well-groomed hair and nails and to wear refined clothes. The luxury is when plus to everything listed on face is played by sincere smile, eyes shine, in a word - there is feeling of happiness. To achieve such result, it is necessary to work.


1. You sleep at low temperature. Even if your dream is short, temperature of 18-19 degrees will help to look fresh for the morning and is vigorous. In warm season you sleep only with open window.

2. Eat easy food for dinner. At night the organism has to have a rest if he works on digestion of food - the picture will be sad in the morning.

3. Care for face skin. Apply creams and serums not occasionally, and it is constant. You apply soft cream in the afternoon, for the night - nutritious. Consult on the professional cosmetologist concerning skin care. If you have tired face, and under eyes circles, then it is necessary to help organism. Express method - apply highlighter over upper lip, under eyebrows and on the upper bound of malar area, and concealer - on wings of nose and under eyes and also on all reddenings. Fundamental method - you descend to the massage therapist on the weakening massage, take bath with lavender or mint, have a sleep 2-3 hours. You undergo at the cosmetologist the procedure of face cleansing at least 4 times a year. It is possible to apply hardware methods if there are no contraindications.

4. Carefully select make-up to dress and case. On business meeting carry out reserved make up, has to be day the lung which are not overloaded with elements. Sure bet of evening make-up - smoky eyes in what tonality to make it, you will be prompted by professional makeup artists. Before going to bed, carefully remove make-up. Apply nutritious cream or night serum to the cleaned skin.

5. Look after hair. Wash the head every day, adding drop of any medical shampoo. It is desirable that in it there were herbs of that region, where do you live. Always do easy laying, using mousses and fluids, such hairstyle will make you younger. It is better to do magnificent laying of curls by means of the sparing thermohair curlers. So you will not burn through hair trunk. In general handle thermal devices for hair more accurately. After washing refuse the hair dryer - use the absorbing towel.

6. Toothbrushing in the morning and in the evening - compulsory procedure, excuses cannot be. Twice a year do professional toothbrushing. Pledge of attractive smile - healthy teeth. Reduce to minimum of the consumption of coffee and red wine or use paste with the bleaching effect or special conditioners after the use.

7. Body care is not less important, than behind the person. Visit those gyms where to you will allow to try razliyany exercise machines during the occupations, and during action of the subscription to attend various classes. Only this way you will be able to choose the instructor to liking and to define what occupations are most important for you. Do not forget about hardware methods of correction of figure. So, cellulitis is better to warn, than to struggle with it, and to help skin "to dump" old cages - in general sacred business.

8. Choose clothes in which to you it will be comfortable. When the suit, dress or tunic on feelings remind "second skin" - movements will be smoother and exact. The same concerns also footwear. Unsuccessfully picked up couple can spoil all impression of toilet. You wear those shoes in which will conveniently move and which will supplement dress, but not to discord with it. It is better to make the choice for natural materials, in this case the spent means will pay off with interest.

9. Be engaged only in that business which you love. Even the forced routine in this situation will not seem exhausting. The one who spends much time at work, but at the same time loves in what he is engaged - looks not tired, and inspired. If the person has business of his life, he will look magnificently and respectably.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team