How to look on 17 flyings

How to look on 17 flyings

To you already not 17 and even not 18. But in soul you are young girl. Modern style, you are fashionably dressed, you keep physical shape. Here only the person gives age. With it it is necessary to do something. We share secrets of eternal youth.

Day was not set since morning. It was not succeeded to get enough sleep. In the head hoots. Pressure jumps. And maybe, the yesterday's draft has provoked cold. Temperature, pallor, dim eyes. Or instead of nice slow breakfast the serious quarrel has happened … Life is rich in surprises, but it is not occasion to look bad. Especially if to you "for …" Several useful procedures since morning help you to remain fine at any age and in the most extreme situation.

Wash away negative!

Cold water will perfectly refresh face skin. After washing do not forget to wipe face and neck with tonic. Even if you did not sleep all night long, means "will recover" skin, will give it naturalness, tone and shine. If there is a little time, make tonic mask. Any "vitamin" which is stored in the fridge will approach. We crush fruit vegetable in puree. We put for 20 minutes on face. Later apply the moisturizing cream.

Game of paints

Dark circles and "bags" under eyes. These unpleasant phenomena will be disguised by yellowish concealer, and the nose which has reddened for unexpectedly appeared suddenly cold can be hidden under layer of liquid foundation of slightly greenish shade which is usually imposed on problem zones. If to your eyes it is already far "for thirty", during vitamin tonic mask be not too lazy to apply to them grass ice or two bags of tea.

Porcelain figurine

To return to skin natural flush, apply a little gel blush of cold shade on cheekbones. Do not mask pallor autosuntan – it means will only emphasize your fatigue and your true age.

Make-up minimum

Not to look as the person who has gone "from the ship straight to ball" not to look as the woman aged who at any cost wants to seem younger do not abuse decorative cosmetics. Do not make up eyelash – only slightly tighten up them brush from ink. Give preference to transparent lip gloss.

Vigorous ceremony

Have surely breakfast. Even if you on diet – be not limited for breakfast to cup of coffee without sugar. You can eat something since morning: apple salad, porridge … And instead of coffee make green tea. It not only removes toxins, but also pleasantly invigorates and revitalizes organism. Agree, health and youth of thing very pleasant and quite achievable at any age. It is worth getting up in the morning a bit earlier and to devote itself one hour of time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team