How to look stunning on New Year's Eve

How to look stunning on New Year's Eve

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Year - holiday which demands thorough training in everything: purchases of gifts, choice of dress, decoration of the apartment and drawing up menu. But the Russian people have such feature (especially at girls) - to be engaged in everything at the last minute. At the same time they every time mutter that next time will precisely be prepared in advance. And then all the same remember themselves in the last turn, and it is necessary to make so much to look on New Year's Eve faultless.

What is necessary for the girl to strike on the spot men and to cause envy in women? Practically nothing, namely:

Fine-molded figure

Let this point also go the first in the list, but it is not the most important or the basic as you should not go on super-strict diet. To show ideal forms in the New Year's order, it is not necessary to exhaust itself with hunger strikes and eating of medicamentous means for weight loss. So you will just get to yourself gastritis and at New Year's table will drink water and is boiled-parenoye instead of enjoying goodies above which so long were at plate. Generally, to show slim figure and outstanding forms, it is enough to put on corset or shapewear and to pick up dress (suit) which will emphasize your advantages and will hide shortcomings (if those are available).

Ideal skin

For ideal image it is better to put the skin in full order. For this purpose you have to remove on regiment habitual cream and go to buy ampullary cosmetics. Unlike daily cosmetics (cream, lotions, etc.) ampoules contain strong concentrates of biologically active agents. Buy only that ampullary cosmetics as a part of which three vitamins contain at once: A, C, E. They are those vitamins of beauty which contain in face creams habitual to you, but in small quantity. These three vitamins protect skin from premature appearance of wrinkles.

Now hide visible shortcomings - dark circles and sacks under eyes. Professional makeup artists have thought up such cunning: to put in the freezer cream for century for 30 minutes. After that at once it is necessary to apply it on eye area with millimetric layer. Cut out two circles from food wrap which completely will cover zone around eyes. It is possible to be guided by the size of cotton pad. Impose these circles over cream for 10 minutes. Then remove and rub residues of cream in skin pats of fingers.

Magnificent hair

Have put skin in ideal order? Now be engaged in hair - the main attribute of your beauty. If hair look not in the best way, correctly picked up hairstyle will correct everything. And also advice from professionals will help. If your hair have lost gloss and smoothness, so you them incorrectly dry phenom. As it is correct to dry hair phenom that the head after drying did not resemble dandelion: take hairbrush hair from below, direct current of air from the hair dryer from roots by the ends. Thus, you literally will smooth scales on hair then your hair will shine as at girls from shampoo advertizing. 

If the shade of your hair is not pleasant, and to be painted there is no time or desire, feed them and shade a little. Buy coloring means (the benefit the choice the richest now) and mix it with tablespoon of any remedy for hair. Apply the curative painting mix on hair and well comb hairbrush with ""frequent"" teeths. Leave mix on hair for about 20 minutes, and then wash hair with warm water (without shampoo!). Thus, you and hair strengthen, and will give more saturated shade to hair.

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