How to look well-groomed

How to look well-groomed

viewing glossy magazines which dazzle with nasolyarenny maidens with ideal hairstyles, fine skin, excellent manicure and pedicure there is feeling of inferiority. Really it is impossible to look also?


  1. To look well-groomed and it is effective, it is necessary to take care of the own life constantly, but not to make periodic attacks on make-up bag. Having looked since morning in mirror, you have to smile, but not find one million new faults. To look good, it is required to follow only several rules.
  2. You look fresh. None of environment will like sweat smell mixed up with spirits. Twice a day take shower, using face scrubs and bodies which properly stimulate blood circulation.
  3. Register to the gym. Lose excess weight if that is available. Pump up press, buttocks, calves. You behave in tone. You watch not only the muscle bulk, but also external state. You treat bruises, you watch extensions on skin and, of course, get rid of hypostases.
  4. Regularly visit beauty shop. Do not forget about pedicure and manicure. Hands attract attention, and nails of different length with the peeled-off manicure in anybody will not cause admiration. Use services of the cosmetologist. The well-groomed woman has opaque face skin. Periodically update hairstyle. Choose hair preparations which give mobility and naturalness to hair. Once a month tint roots of hair that the head did not look dirty.
  5. Do qualitative make-up, using worthy cosmetics which is not showered and does not flow. Take couple of lessons from the makeup artist that precisely know what tone of shadows approach eyes and as it is better to put cosmetics on face.
  6. Skin has to be smooth and beautiful. Tell firm no to hated hairs. No matter, in what way you carry out this procedure, skin has to be accurate all the year round, without irritation, burns or cuts.
  7. Update clothes. It does not mean that you have to send things to recycle bin. Just say goodbye to the pulled, washed off and absolutely unfashionable dresses. Get couple of new accessories - scarf is fresher coloring or small graceful piece of jewelry.
  8. Beauty and neatness are everyday laborious work. Try to get up a bit earlier not to run in search of hairbrush or nail varnish. Prepare in the evening what you will put on tomorrow. And spend time since morning for preparation of useful breakfast or charging. The easy morning make-up, smile upon the face - and you are ready to new fulfillments.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team