How to look younger in 60 years

How to look younger in 60 years

60 years it is more difficult for women to protect beauty. Skin becomes thinner and dry, the person loses paints, small wrinkles go deep. However the modern cosmetic industry offers the means capable it is essential to improve your appearance. Do not forget about the tightened figure, the correct clothes and good hairstyle - all this will help you to look younger.

Face care and make-up

The modern cosmetology offers many options for age skin. Choose the nutritious night means stimulating production of collagen and also the day creams protecting face from the sun and tightening skin. Be not afraid to use means and lifting effect - they do not cause accustoming and allow the person to look more attractively. Skin will help to improve appearance the serums moisturizing and strengthening the skin which can be put under cream or to use independently.

Be not fond of suntan - it very much ages and worsens condition of skin. Use creams with sun-protection filters, and pleasant tone give to the face by means of means with reflective particles. The basis under make-up of lavender color will help to remove earthy shade of skin, and the good cream proofreader will be suitable for visual correction of wrinkles.

The you become more senior, the more naturally there has to be make-up. Instead of the dense, drying lips lipsticks use lipsticks-balms, replace bronzers and highlighters with powdery blush of gentle and coral or natural pink color. You apply blush not only on cheeks, but also on forehead, the chin and nose - so the person will look fresh.

Simple and effective hairstyle

With age it is worth reconsidering the scale. Hair of softer shade will make you younger and are more modern. For example, dark brown-haired women should try fair-haired shade, and light-haired - light golden. Colourists recommend to refuse too dark artificial paints with bluish or reddish outflow. With age colors have to become warmer also than priglushenny. Make good hairstyle. It can be the short or semi-long, not demanding too frequent correction. Hair, cut layers, will make you younger and mobile, besides such hairstyle gives the chance for experiments.

Correct clothes

The beautiful and comfortable clothes will help you to look young-looking and stylish. Exclude from clothes everything that hints at old age - sexless suits with bulky jackets, shapeless knitwear, long skirts on elastic band, dresses in small old-womanish floret. Your choice - simple, but effective models of direct or semifitted silhouette from good fabrics. Instead of small stuffing you wear monophonic clothes - she will much better emphasize figure. Be not afraid of bright, fresh colors. Warm coral, rose-red, honey and cream tone will throw soft reflected light on the person, doing it to younger. If the figure allows, wear jeans. Those who considers them inappropriate will suit beautiful trousers - long, falling down on footwear. Such models will disguise imperfect legs, will increase growth and will make you younger. Pick up fashionable footwear, beautiful big bag and several expensive scarfs or scarfs. By means of accessories you will emphasize the style. Choose modern models - sports, classical or romantic. Forget about prejudices - you carry fashionable jewelry from large stones and metal. Original earrings will distract attention from wrinkles on face, and the effective necklace will add not only evening, but also daily dress.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team