How to lose weight after the delivery during lactation

How to lose weight after the delivery during lactation

The birth of the child is first of all long-awaited and joyful event. Further life of mother cardinally changes and adapts to the interests of the child. But any woman wants to look attractively therefore there is question how quickly to lose weight after the delivery to the feeding mother in house conditions. It is important that the food allowance and the program of trainings have not done harm to health of mother and kid.

Sharply it is impossible to reduce diet of the nursing mother categorically. The main objective at return to former form – the correct catering services, but not reduction of number of calories. It is not necessary to resort to heavy physical activities, it can lead to reduction of volume of milk, change of its quality and taste. It is better to carry out simple exercises which will not do much harm to organism of the feeding mother.

Here several recommendations about food of the feeding mother: porridges best of all will be suitable for breakfast (oat, buckwheat, millet). At diet there have to be fruit (apples, pears, grapes), vegetables (stewed, boiled).

It is recommended to eat for weight reduction: boiled fish, dairy products (fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, kefir and milk), fillet of bird and veal. It is desirable to include in diet food with the high content of iodine and iron which contain in nuts, liver, seafood, eggs. Are excluded: flour products, all smoked, salty, sharp and fried products, alcohol, canned food.

It is possible to lose weight, having reduced the volume of portions, but the number of meals has to increase at the same time. In day it is better to eat not 2–3 times, but 5–6 times small portions. In the morning it is necessary to eat more, in evening – it is less.

It is necessary to drink more water. It is desirable to drink in 30 minutes prior to meal one glass of water. Such reception not only will lead to activization of exchange processes, but also will help food to be acquired correctly in organism.

Whether it is possible to return body to former form after the delivery? Undoubtedly - yes. It is necessary to change the food allowance and day regimen only. Physical activity, exercises for stomach muscles, healthy food – key components on the way to ideal figure after the child's birth.

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