How to lose weight after the delivery if you nurse

How to lose weight after the delivery if you nurse

One of the main desires after the delivery – to take former shape. Therefore especially zealous lovers of the fitting dresses and tight jeans go on rigid diet and exhaust themselves with trainings. As a result milk vanishes, and breastfeeding should be stopped. How to keep up with two hares: to lose weight after the delivery and to keep lactation?

1. Keep to diet. The speech, of course, goes not about diet to 1000 kilocalories, kefiric days or improving starvation. The diet of the nursing mother consists in the balanced food at which there are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is possible to find many options which will not only good to mother, but also the kid in the Internet, they are constructed on hypoallergenic food. Much such diet helps not only to lose weight, but also to save the kid from problems with tummy, locks and dermatitis.

2. Consider calories. Find the most detailed calculator of kilocalories in the Internet, learn quantity which is necessary for you at your way of life. Do not forget to consider that you the nursing mother. Download the application allowing to trace the general power value of the consumed food in the smartphone, such programs are very convenient, they allow to scan barcodes from packings. Remember to lose weight, it is necessary to eat! During lactation the feeling of hunger is very deceptive – more than a minute ago it was not, and here you are ready to eat anything. Therefore frequent consumption of small portions is optimum during this period of life, but their total caloric content should not read off scale.

3. Walk as much as possible. Young mothers lack communication and information, it is the fact. Therefore the Internet for many became outlet where it is possible to entertain itself, to learn news, to share opinion. But you should not do sitting at the computer by way of life, it is better to go to the park with carriage and to spend time in the fresh air, let with the same phone in hands. Remember that in hour of slow walk four times more calories, than for the same time spent at the computer are burned. So it is not better "to be online" standing?

4. Think over daily routine. Time when the child sleeps, many devote only to attacks on the fridge. It is clear, at last minute quietly appears to sit and chew. But it is better to arrange the food under the child and is when he in good mood and quietly lies in bed or plays.

5. Drink enough liquid. The terrible feeling of hunger is especially brightly shown after feeding of the kid. Therefore nutritionists recommend to drink water, tea or compote – any not too high-calorie liquid – in 15-20 minutes before putting the child to breast. At observance of reasonable daily routine and self-restriction in sweet and fat the lactation even helps to lose weight, this process demands from organism of the woman of additional energy consumption.

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