How to lose weight in 5 months

How to lose weight in 5 months

The problem of excess weight is the real scourge of the 21st century. It is enough to one to dump two-three of kilograms to reach ideal form, others dream to get rid of 20-30 kilograms of hated fat. But it is possible to solve problem. The main thing is not to hurry.


1. Tell "no" to diets. Any diet represents short-term restrictions. But the person is so suited: he reaches for all forbidden. Even if you were never sweet tooth, it is worth going on diet – and already at night you are tormented by visions of cakes and cakes.

2. Get used to the idea of long-term weight loss. No, it does not mean at all that you will lose extra kilos for many years. Perhaps, you achieve desirable result already in few months. All focus of long-term weight loss – in lack of the bans. And in change of way of life. To cross through itself and to subject to various psychological and physical tortures it is not necessary.

3. Estimate tragedy scale. In the morning after visit of toilet and till breakfast get up on scales. Write down the weight. Arm with centimetric tape and measure volumes. Circle of hips, waists and breasts – obligatory parameters. Still it is desirable to add hand grasp to them (where trace from BCZh inoculation) and leg grasp (is about 7-10 centimeters lower than pelvic bone). Too write down these data. Often happens so that on one week at once several centimeters leave waist, and on another – all on centimeter from hands and legs. But any result is one more step to ideal figure.

4. Take notebook or create the document on the computer. In the first column to the table you will put date, in the second – weight, from the third on the 7th – volumes of parts of body. Every week note changes.

5. Analyze the table. It is desirable to build schedules of weight reduction also. The curve creeping down incredibly motivates and forces to move further. Besides, regular records will help you to understand the body better. Some people grow thin gradually, and their curve on graphics all the time goes down. At others the schedule looks as saw: minus several kilogram or centimeters, small plus, again minus. On graphics also "plateaus" will be visible: the periods when weight stops. It does not mean that you will not lose weight any more. Just the organism has made pause to reconstruct, get used to new weight.

6. Pick up motivator. If because of excess weight you do not have private life, make collage: slender girl, beefy guy, sea, love, flowers … The plot can be any. It is important that it urged on and every day helped to make step towads to dream. If extra kilos prevent to conceive the child, always wear with yourself small bootees. Only one view of them – and you are already ready to new feats.

7. Be defined how many kilograms and for what period you would like to dump. As weight loss long-term (but forever) the interval between present weight and weight of dream has to be not less than 2-3 months. Ideally – 5 months. Count how many you have to dump every month, week, day. For example, you want to throw off the whole 20 kilograms. You divide for 5 months. Only 4 kilograms a month, 1 kilogram a week. 142 grams a day! It's not true is a lot of, but the result will be stunning.

8. Weight loss in 5 months is not diet, and change of way of life. Reconsider the diet and write down to yourself those dishes which you consider the most harmful and fat. It is not necessary to refuse them, it is only enough to use of them more rare and in smaller quantities. Besides, try to find equivalents of favourite dishes. For example, instead of fried meat it is possible to try baked in oven.

9. Sports loadings help organism to get rid of fat, to tighten skin, make you stronger and hardy. If there is no time for the gym, refuse use of the elevator, and or after work you pass part of way to work on foot. Obligatory morning jogs – the myth. Your consciousness will not accept violence: early rises, not always good mood and health, vagaries of the weather. Choose that type of physical activity which will be pleasant to you. The you will be closer to the purpose, the will find more occupations for yourself.

10. Present yourself new hobby. Very often people recover and cannot lose the weight because do not know where to put free time. Legs go to the fridge, and the hand reaches for what can be chewed behind viewing the movie or evening news. Cross stitch, create the blog on the Internet, find more time for close people, begin to sew or be a carpenter, write the novel and so on. When you are keen on something, and will forget to think of fridge contents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team