How to lose weight to the feeding mother

How to lose weight to the feeding mother

As a rule, during pregnancy the woman gains excess weight. To go on rigid diet or to start serious physical activities right after childbirth it is not desirable, especially if you nurse. However it can return symmetry and ease of body by the sparing methods even to the feeding mother.


1. Support lactation at the appropriate level. Try to put the kid to breast regularly: it is the key to the correct development of milk. The lactation provides restoration of hormonal background, helps reduction of uterus therefore your body will much quicker come to form. Feeding in itself breast promotes weight reduction, for development of milk the organism daily spends about 500-700 Kcal (the expense comparable to that which the full-fledged training in the gym can provide).

2. Adjust the menu. During this period you have to eat not only most great, but also to exclude products which can provoke allergy, diathesis and frustration of chair at the kid. Refuse sweets, color vegetables and fruit, pastries, smoked products, spices. Eat porridges, fast meat, stewed vegetables, fermented milk products. Drink more clear water. The volume of the liquid consumed by the feeding mother has to be not less than 2.5 liters. In the first weeks such diet can seem poor, but gradually you will begin to enter new products into the menu. However their list has to include only the most useful: fish, nuts, berries, fruit. These products should be entered into diet on one and to use in small amount, monitoring reaction of organism of your kid. As a result you not only will insure the child from number of problems, but also will gradually lose the weight.

3. Choose type of physical activity, optimum for yourself. Certainly, in the first weeks, power, interval trainings and other types of occupations with increased loads are after the delivery contraindicated. Begin with respiratory the technician which will help recovery of internals. Then, if there are no contraindications, carry out several asanas of yoga for young mothers. On it not enough time will leave, and you feel effect soon. In 2-3 months after the delivery on condition of good health you can start trainings. If you have no opportunity to visit fitness club, be engaged at home. Pick up the convenient set of exercises, programs developed especially for young mothers. Besides, you can be engaged together with the kid: it is possible to find number of exercises in the form of game which will be pleasant to the child and will help to restore your figure.

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