How to lose weight without diets and the gym

How to lose weight without diets and the gym

If you have no time for occupations in the gym, and diets introduce in your life only stress and negative experiences, then you should use other methods for correction of weight and figure. The methods of weight loss described below will help you to dump without excess problems several kilogram for short period.

  1. Go on foot more

Pedestrian walking really helps to lose weight and to podnyanut muscles. If you dream of ideal legs, then try to make at least several times a week pedestrian routes instead of ordinary bus trip, for example, from the house to the place of work or study. Besides, foot walk will present you charge of positive energy and will promote decrease in emotional pressure.

  1. Drink purified water

Try to drink in day at least one and a half liters of water. It will accelerate metabolic rate in your organism and also will allow to deliver quicker useful substances to cages. It is necessary to remember that water positively influences ours imunnitt, protecting organism and regulating water-salt balance. Therefore always you carry with yourself water bottle to save themselves from dehydration. 

  1. Do the cleaning independently

It is proved that during clear-out almost same number of calories, as in gym, and sometimes even is burned more. Therefore try to clean up independently, without using service of the cleaning companies and without resorting to the help of members of the family.

  1. Eat more slowly 

Slow chewing of food forces us to enjoy and be saturated with dish quicker fully. It is known that saturation by food comes in a few minutes after meal. But earlier to feel this saturation and to get rid of overeating, it is necessary to eat as it is possible more slowly. Provide that you eat food at restaurant or cafe. Perhaps, it will help you to get rid of excessive haste at meal time.

  1. Cook house food

It is no secret that at restaurants and cafe food is often more caloric, than dishes, the prepared houses. Therefore spend time for independently to prepare house meal for themselves and relatives. If you like to have a bite tasty, then you should not save yourself from the favourite products. However after all it is necessary to observe balance. For example, if you have drunk glass of sparkling water, then you should not cook the fried potatoes in the same day. It is better to replace it with fresh vegetables or meat dishes. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team