How to maintain beauty of female body

How to maintain beauty of female body

Representatives of fine half of mankind aim to correspond to ideals of the time. And the best result is achieved by those who know that integrated approach is necessary for maintenance of beauty of female body.


If you dream to bare without ceremony the beautiful body on the beach, not to do you without fitness. It is the best of all to train under supervision of the experienced instructor. He will help you to develop the individual program of trainings in which both your physical training, and all your problem zones will be considered. The fitness not only helps to take good shape, it promotes improvement of brain activity and loads with activity for all day.

Instead of fitness it is possible to take dancing classes – they too intensively involve large number of muscles. Occupations dances improve mood and develop plastics, make the woman beautiful, graceful and distinguished.

Become the lover of run - it is excellent way to achievement of symmetry, beauty and good sportswear. Lead active lifestyle, walk more. Refuse the elevator, you go out of the bus on 1-2 stops earlier to walk down the street.

Body care

That skin always was elastic and humidified, after shower apply on body cream about lifting effect. Give preference to means with extracts of seaweed and green tea, Retinolum, hyaluronic acid, caffeine. Such creams do skin of more smooth, and it means that all small shortcomings of your naked body will be less noticeable. For disposal of cellulitis try house wrappings. Dissolve black clay with water to smetanoobrazny consistence, apply it on problem places and cover with food wrap. Be wrapped up in warm dressing gown or blanket. In 40 minutes remove clay, be rinsed by cool water and apply anti-cellulite cream to skin. You go to bath. The advantage of bathing procedures for female beauty is undoubted: they promote improvement of appearance of skin, weight loss, removal of slags and toxins. After the thermal procedures, skin becomes more susceptible to active agents of masks and creams. It is the best of all to use natural means – honey, milk, kefir, ground coffee, infusions of herbs, etc.

The bath is not recommended at heart troubles, sharp viral infections, oncology, epilepsy, varicosity and some other diseases.

Healthy nutrition

Observe the correct diet and use only useful products. It is better to give preference to fruit and vegetables, low-fat meat, fermented milk products, grain. Be fond of fast food and sweets less. Use fat-burning products more often. Carry cauliflower, asparagus, grapefruits, pineapples, apples, carrots, tomatoes, watermelons, cucumbers, oranges, spinach, kefir, fresh greens, green tea to them. Observing all these recommendations, you will very quickly notice the first transformations and will begin to receive compliments. And health and good mood will become additional awards.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team