How to maintain beauty of skin every day

How to maintain beauty of skin every day

There are many ways to be beautiful. It is possible to lay down under knife of the surgeon or to spend set of hours in beauty shops. Means are chosen various, but it is impossible to forget that face skin demands daily leaving, carrying out which correctly, it is not necessary to resort to cardinal methods of rejuvenation and expensive cosmetics.

For appearance skin the healthy sleep within at least 6-8 hours is obligatory, otherwise the organism will not manage to have a rest and its state directly will affect appearance of skin.

How to look after skin in the morning

Every morning it is necessary to begin with washing, but without soap use as it dries skin and leads to premature wrinkles. Optimal variant is washing by cool water or infusions of herbs – camomiles, turns, calendulas, lavender or oak bark. It is impossible to forget about obligatory clarification by means of mousses, gels or house means. It will allow to remove excess of fat and fat which has collected during sleep from skin. The following morning procedure is skin toning which will protect it from harmful effects of the environment and will help to restore balance of face skin. Before drawing make-up or exit from the house it is necessary to apply cream. In warm time it can be done in 10 minutes, and in the winter – at least in 30 minutes prior to exit to the street.

Day care behind skin

In the afternoon it is necessary not to forget about skin moistening, for this purpose it is enough to drink large amount of clear water. If time allows, it is necessary to make small walk to give to skin the chance to be refreshed. For this purpose it is possible to allocate at least 10-15 minutes from lunch break for those who work.

Evening procedures for care for skin

That skin was every day velvety and tightened, it is necessary to perform compulsory procedures. First, it is necessary to delete make-up. For this purpose it is possible to use milk, lotions, mousses, gels or house means. It is necessary to remove make-up the massing movements, without stretching at the same time skin. After long day, skin needs food and restoration. Active cell regeneration will be helped night cream, by the skin intended for your type.

Skin care does not demand large number of time, but it has to be regular, only in this case pleasantly will look at itself(himself) in mirror every morning, admiring the beautiful, tightened and velvety face skin with healthy flush.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team