How to make Adriana Lima's make-up

How to make Adriana Lima's make-up

We suggest you to repeat image of the sexiest woman on the planet Adriana Lima.

Adriana Lima is considered one of the most beautiful women of the planet. But at the same time it was not kind of divine is not ideal as also any woman. It has widish face and the nose in the lower part is a little widish. But stylists do not try to hide its shortcomings, and on the contrary emphasize her identity.

Eyebrows at Adriana almost direct and flat. One eyebrow curved in the correct party, and another a little in the return. We emphasize it with black pencil. Then well we comb out eyebrows brush to remove pronounced black color. The flat brush which usually goes for eyeliner mucous and opaque shadows similar from your skin will help to make eyebrows more thinly. Accurately we outline eyebrows, and then we shade.

Big brush we put tone of color of suntan on face. Ideally we shade borders what everything would look is most realistic. Always lighter shade at Adriana is applied under eyes and on chin bottom. Now well we shade everything wide brush. Lighter powder we fix places which have to be more volume, and dark powder of slightly bronzing color of the place which have to be more suntanned. We apply nacre on places where you have less than the volume, than at Adriana, and then there is a lot of shimmer over upper lip visually to increase lips.

On lower mucous centuries we put eyeliner of chocolate shade. Strongly we shade outer side of eyeliner. We apply basis under shadows on mobile eyelid. Further we apply shade shadows on it near. We apply it and on haze of lower eyelid. We apply shadows about brown shade (copper, bronze) on external half of century and well we shade. We apply super shimerny shade (pearl, golden) on internal part of mobile century and on corner of external. We circle upper eyelid with brown pencil, without doing arrow. Then we shade.

For eyelashes we use small laid on bunches. One bunch is pasted on core of century. The second on external part to tighten a little eye to top.

Beige pencil brightening skin we draw illumination around contour of lips. We make up with varnish lipstick of 601 shades of L'Oréal lips. We apply with similar shade blush on the most volume part of cheek.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team