How to make beautiful bearing

How to make beautiful bearing

Not everyone can brag of the correct and beautiful posture. But the correct posture is important not only for appearance, and, first of all, for health. The stoop can lead to back and neck pains and also to headaches.

It is required to you

  • - gymnastic ball;
  • - rug for occupations.


1. To learn, the posture, correct at you, or not, it is necessary to make simple experiment. Strike back to wall pose, comfortable for you. You look forward, and lower hands on seams. It is not necessary to try to straighten back and to press shovels - just relax. At correct posture the head, shoulders, shovels and the lower department of waist have to touch wall. Between wall and waist there has to be small deflection. If the palm hardly passes through it, so with your bearing everything is all right.

2. That the back always was equal and beautiful, it is necessary to strengthen muscles. But it is important that all groups of muscles as increase in load only of one muscular group leads another and vice versa to deterioration in work and development worked. For example, the weakened press muscles badly influence waist muscles, giving them additional loading. Or at too beefy back muscles the press can be weakened that leads to deterioration in blood circulation in inguinal area and, as a result, to stagnation of liquid in legs.

3. There is lot of exercises for strengthening of muscles of back, press and hips. Lay down on back, bend knees and begin to cave in in chest department. Make 5-7 repetitions. This exercise will be more effective if you have big gymnastic ball. It promotes bigger deflection and relaxation. One more exercise in the same pose - instead of chest department it is necessary to lift basin. But you watch that you had no deflection in waist.

4. One more excellent exercise which many call "Cat". Kneel and put hands parallel to legs. Begin to cave in slowly in spin up-down. Alternative to "Cat" - in the same pose, having bent hands in elbows and caving in in waist, pull basin to heels, and then you lay down breast on floor. These exercises perfectly develop all departments of back, accurately setting vertebrae and stretching muscles.

5. Lay down on stomach, hands along trunk, link brushes in the lock. Raise the head and thorax as it is possible above, at the same time as much as possible shift shovels. Repeat 5-7 times, but at each rise you hold back about 20 seconds. One more useful exercise: lying on stomach, link hands behind the head and slowly raise thorax, twisting in one, in other party.

6. For beautiful bearing it is necessary to strengthen muscles of abdominal press also. Lay down on back, fix legs under any surface, or let someone will take to you legs in equal situation. Begin to rise up-down, yet you will not feel burning in stomach. If it is still difficult for you, raise back on height of 20-30 cm and do exercise at this height, with amplitude about 15 cm. Hands at the same time have to be bent in elbows behind nape. "Beginners" of hand can keep under knees.

7. After set of exercises surely make extension. Lay down on back, pull at first legs, then hands. Further sit down on knees and stretch the body forward, extending back.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team