How to make beautiful design of nails

How to make beautiful design of nails

Design of nails - one of the most demanded services in beauty shops. But, unfortunately, there are not always enough means that to use it. However it is possible to try to make beautiful design of nails in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - brushes of different thickness;
  • - cliches;
  • - small tweezers with the flat ends;
  • - nail varnishes;
  • - rhinestones, pearls, stickers for nails;
  • - liquid for varnish removal;
  • - the fixer fixing the drawing.


1. For putting varnish and the drawing on nails use special means and devices which without special work can be got in shops with the professional equipment for beauty shops.

2. For drawing on nails usually use to brush, thicket very thin. It is possible to draw as on liquid varnish, but in that case there is danger of mixing of flowers, and on dried up. For a start be trained on the usual sheet of paper. Outline on it borders of the nail and try to draw the plain drawing. It worked? Then dare.

3. The drawing on nails can also be executed by means of usual sewing needle. Apply thick varnish coat on nail and, and without waiting for drying, drip several drops of other color. Using needle, give to drops some outlines. For prorisovyvaniye of small elements it is possible to use the thin party of needle, for larger details - the party with ear.

4. Unexpected, but not less demanded way of design of nails - the drawing made with use of adhesive tape. Paste adhesive tape on glass, cut out from it stationery knife the pattern which is thought up by you or ornament and already on the prepared basis, completely dried varnish, place self-made cliche. Fill free space with varnish of other color. Accurately remove cliche. Wait until varnish finally dries, and open nails with fixer layer.

5. Nails can be ornamented gel pens. Office shops offer very wide choice of these accessories to the letter. It is better to be used handles with metal gloss - gel in them oilier, and even layer lays down on basis. Fix the drawing by transparent varnish.

6. Nails can be decorated with various rhinestones, pearls, acrylic molding. The main thing that the drawing did not look is bulky. If you have no special art talent, then it is possible just to paste beautiful stickers then to cover nail with fixer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team