How to make beautiful laying most

How to make beautiful laying most

If you need urgently to look good especially and you the owner enough long hair, take good advice – lay the curls delightful and magnificent waves. Such laying always looks effectively and does not demand many efforts and time.

It is required to you

  • You will need good means for laying, hair curlers, hairbrush with rare teeths, hairspray.


  1. If you do laying for the first time, at first define what type of hair at you, hair, fine at you, or dense, curling or straight lines. Depends on type of hair what means for laying is required to you. If on the street wet weather or you have intense day, and still in case you have fine hair – stop on means with strong fixing.
  2. So. Wash up hair soft shampoo and dry towel.
  3. Take means for laying (mousse, gel, skin) and apply on hair, hang the head down and carefully comb – means will be distributed evenly.
  4. Solve – what waves you want years – then you need hair curlers of the big size.
  5. Collect hair on the top and, separating lock behind lock, wind on hair curlers. Do so until all locks are wound.
  6. Dry up hair phenom and take hair curlers so much time how many it is possible, but not less than 30 minutes.
  7. Accurately remove hair curlers and at once do not comb hair at all – let's them cool down properly.
  8. Before exit slightly comb hair hairbrush with rare teeths, and it is the best of all – just miss through fingers. You can sprinkle slightly laying by hairspray. Everything, laying is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team