How to make beautiful laying of the house

How to make beautiful laying of the house

To do beautiful hair for celebration or party, it is not obligatory to go to beauty shop at all or to visit the stylist. It is good to style hair it is possible also at home, using special cosmetics and tools.

It is required to you

  • - shampoo;
  • - mask for hair;
  • - spray for protection of hair;
  • - varnish and wax for hair;
  • - clips and invisible beings;
  • - stayler, electronippers or thermohair curlers.


  1. Before laying prepare hair. Wash up the head shampoo, and then put mask that they became elastic. After that put special means (emulsion) for protection of hair against influence of high temperatures and hot air. Dry up hair phenom, and then start creation of hairstyle.
  2. Comb hair and divide them into the central hair parting. Take one lock (width about 3 cm) at the level of the line of hair parting, once again comb it and apply varnish. Wind lock on electric nippers or stayler, without reaching 2-3 cm roots, take five seconds. That did not interfere with you upper layer of hair, fix it by clips.
  3. Continue to wind hair on circle on nape, and then take side locks of ears about 3 cm higher than level. Further be engaged in front locks, then – horizontal, winding them on nippers from top to down. Do not forget to apply varnish. The last process hair on the top. Very accurately sort fingers the created curls, without combing them.
  4. Raise nape hair, having fixed them by invisible beings. In front shake up hairstyle hands, having allowed romantic curls to fall gracefully on the person. This hairstyle is suitable for long hair more and becomes not on the run. If at your disposal not really there is a lot of time, try simpler option of the laying suitable for hair of average length.
  5. Sprinkle clean dry hair spray for laying or varnish of strong fixing. Then accurately comb and wind on thermohair curlers of average thickness. Remember that the lock will be thinner, the more beautiful the curl will turn out. Approximately in fifteen minutes (when hair curlers cool down), remove them. Spray a little varnish on curls, and then sort wavy locks fingers. Pound small amount of wax in palms and apply it on tips of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team