How to make beautiful manicure red varnish

How to make beautiful manicure red varnish

Many women have stereotype that manicure with red varnish is not suitable for everyday life. Actually all is a little differently. Red manicure quite is suitable for visit of institute and work, the main thing is to choose the correct shade of covering and to harmoniously combine it with other flowers.

With what flowers to combine red varnish?

Having picked up to red varnish of the successful partner, it will turn out "to pacify" slightly bright shade, having betrayed it nobility, and to daily occurrence manicure. There are ladies who prefer to use only clean shades for manicure, but if you love neyl-art with drawings and use of several flowers, then adopt the following councils:

  • If you want red manicure to look quietly and daily, add bright shade in white color. The light tone will give to neyl-art of femininity, tenderness. Harmoniously on red varnish white lace and light stains looks. In house conditions you without effort can draw white peas which on red varnish will lovely look on nail plates.
  • For festive celebration combine red varnish with gold covering. Such manicure, certainly, will draw attention to your nails. Extravagantly with such shades the French manicure looks. Small rhinestones will become harmonious addition to festive neyl-art.
  • The most defiantly red manicure looks in combination with black varnish. This two very saturated colors in tandem look excellently. Using the sounded shades, you can create any design on nail plates. For example, represent black geometrical figures on red background, make the French manicure, having covered free edge of nail with bright varnish.

Doing red manicure, you remember that difficult drawings on nails are admissible only for evening actions, for daily neyl-art only simple images are used.

The ideas of manicure with use of red varnish

If you go to make red manicure for every day, then choose for this purpose not too bright shades. Coverings of coral or burgundy color will become ideal option.

Interestingly manicure which carries the name Spanish looks on nails. To make the Spanish manicure, cover nail plate to varnishes of pastel color, let's covering dry, apply red varnish. Such equipment does color of covering deep and saturated.

If you want to make red-black manicure in house conditions, then can try the following design: on 1 half of nail apply red varnish, on the second – black. On junction of two flowers lay out rhinestones. It will visually extend nail plate. It is so recommended to make up not all marigold, but 1-2 on each hand. Free from rhinestone cover nails with black or red varnish.

If you want to make red manicure on short nails, then represent ladybug on one nail plate. Cover other marigold with red varnish, having set from above small droplets of black color. Such neyl-art is simple in execution, but looks very effectively, drawing attention of people around.

Those who will decide to do manicure by red varnish need to watch condition of hands and nails carefully. The bright covering will draw special attention to hands, so, they have to be faultless.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team