How to make beautiful nails in house conditions

How to make beautiful nails in house conditions

It is known that on hands of the woman it is possible to determine its age. For this reason many women so carefully look after the hands. Manicure is business card of any woman. Make the nails beautiful you can not only in salon, but also in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • Liquid for varnish removal, nail file, sea salt, stick of orange tree, transparent varnish, color varnish, lavender or almond oil.


1. First of all, remove old varnish coat from nails. Best of all during removal of varnish to use liquid without the acetone content because it is less harmful.

2. After that give to the nails the form. It is necessary that all of them were one length. Only then your nails will look beautifully and harmoniously.

3. To strengthen nail plate, make hand bath. Pour warm water into small capacity and add teaspoon of sea salt. Within 15-20 minutes take hands in this solution. If you want to bleach the nails, then wipe them with lemon juice.

4. After you have a little steamed out skin around nails, accurately remove cuticle. Do it by means of stick of orange tree. Show the maximum care at the procedure as the cuticle is the most sensitive place on nails.

5. Then polish your nails, using special nail file. On equal nails varnish lays down better and keeps longer. Begin to varnish nails. Apply with the first layer transparent varnish. Then – color varnish. After varnish has dried, apply oil of lavender or almonds on cuticle. It will allow to soften sites of skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team