How to make berry face packs

How to make berry face packs

Tasty and juicy seasonal berries suit not only for jam and smoothie. These are still excellent products for beauty and health of skin. Recipes of masks from berries were known still to our ancestors therefore their unique properties are checked by time.

For inclined to skin oiliness the mask with strawberry pulp perfectly will approachFor its preparation it is necessary to mix several mashed berries with spoon of white clay. The mask is applied to the cleaned face skin for 20 minutes. Then it needs to be washed away well, and to grease face with cream. 

Important! When using berries as a part of masks it is necessary to remember contraindications. Allergic reactions and also availability on skin of wounds, scratches, etc. concern them. Therefore it is necessary to make the test for allergy before application of any given berry. For this purpose a little chosen means it is necessary to apply on wrist inside. To sustain 20 minutes, then to wash away and watch this site about an hour. If skin as it should be and your general state has not changed, then it is possible to use mask according to purpose. 

Raspberry also well cleans and dries oily skin. To pyurirovat spoon of ripe berries of raspberry in any way and to mix with one crude egg white. To add 10 ml of lemon juice, to mix and put on face. 

Blackcurrant well moistens skin, inclined to dryness and peelings. For preparation of nutritious currant mask it is necessary to mix couple of spoons of puree from these berries with crude yolk and spoon of any vegetable oil. It will be also quite good to add honey spoon. To mix everything and to make mask. It is the best of all to wash away such mask in 15 minutes. 

The mask from cowberry berries  well looks after skin, sensitive and inclined to dryness. She prepares very simply: in equal proportions it is necessary to mix berry pulp, olive oil and potato flour. To apply mask to the prepared skin and to leave for 15 minutes. After removal of mask it is necessary to use nutritious cream. 

The sea-buckthorn works wonders and perfectly tones up the withering skin, tightens face form. The mask is made of berries of sea-buckthorn simply: on 2 spoons of berry puree, fat cottage cheese and milk it is necessary to mix well. Then to apply mask to skin for 15-20 minutes then to wash away warm water. Often with age face skin needs bleaching because of dim color or pigmental spots.

The gooseberry will well cope with this problem. To save berries of gooseberry from skins and seeds and to pound in puree. To add a little lemon juice to it and also 3-4 drops of lemon essential oil. To pound all this with fresh cottage cheese to uniformity. Such mask well narrows pores and clarifies freckles. 

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