How to make biolamination of hair

How to make biolamination of hair

Biolamination is procedure which will quickly allow to put hair in order, to make them volume, beautiful and silky. It is desirable to carry out this procedure in salon, but it is possible to try to make it independently.

It is required to you

  • Professional tool for biolamination, brush for drawing means, the hair dryer for warming up, polyethylene hat, the restoring mask.


  1. Biolamination of hair represents the procedure of covering of hair natural cellulose structure which kind of seals hairs, does them smooth and brilliant. Substance protects hair from damages, maintains laying in rainy and windy weather. After the procedure the hair increase in volume, look well-groomed and healthy.
  2. After the procedure it is not recommended to wash the head for two days, to use the hair dryer, nippers and other devices, to dye hair prior to procedure in 2 days and after biolamination, the structure will not be washed away yet.
  3. The first stage consists in drawing by special brush of professional tool for biolamination on hair. Means has to be on hair about half an hour. Further it is necessary to warm up hair that the structure was well absorbed by hair by means of the hair dryer. At the final stage substance is washed away by not hot water.
  4. It is enough to do biolamination once a month. The procedure is useful to hair and has no contraindications. After biolamination the hair are protected from ultraviolet rays, the hairstyle keeps longer, hair cease to be electrified, fluffy and look more attractively. Besides, need for use of the fixing means – rather usual laying phenom disappears. It is recommended to do biolamination after the chemical waves and other procedures damaging structure of hair.
  5. Biolamination can be color or colourless. Colourless biolamination is applied often after kolorirovaniye, highlighting, blondirovaniye and other multi-color coloring. If to carry out the procedure right after coloring – color will become more saturated and will longer keep on hair. Color biolamination includes two procedures at once: coloring and lamination. Hair not only gain saturated color, but also receive protection which just dyed hair very much needs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team