How to make breast magnificent

How to make breast magnificent

The magnificent female breast at the time of antiquity was considered as symbol of fertility and life. Since those times the fashion for forms of female bust changed not once. But the question of how to make breast elastic, magnificent and beautiful, concerns women and now.


1. It is unconditional, essential to increase the bust size without plastic surgery it is impossible. But it is absolutely optional to resort to plastics to have beautiful, elastic breast. For this purpose rather systematically and carefully to care for it. Begin every morning with water massage: at first direct shower stream to one breast, moving it clockwise from top to down, further circling. Then do the same procedure with other breast. Do contrast shower, several times changing water temperature, but always finishing cold.

2. After bathtub and shower use cosmetics for increase in elasticity and strengthening of skin of breast. Try to do potato mask once a week. For its preparation, mash one boiled potato. Add 50 ml of vegetable oil, on one teaspoon of honey and cream. Apply mix to breast skin the lungs directed up circle by movements. Leave for 15-20 minutes. Later oil breast olive.

3. Also occupations in gym will help to improve shape of breast. Remember that during the physical trainings it is necessary to put on bra. Houses you can daily carry out simple exercises. Do the first exercise, having risen at half a meter distance from wall. Extend hands forward and with force you press palms about wall. Carrying out the second exercise, bend hands in elbows and connect palms at the level of bust. Press them at each other very much so that muscles of breast have strained. Keep such provision of seconds ten, then relax hands. Repeat not less 10th time in a row. And one more exercise: having connected palms, lift as it is possible above and return elbows in starting position. Repeat 7-10 times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team