How to make bunch of long hair

How to make bunch of long hair

Bunch on the head – the privilege of women with the long not splitting hair. The rest to build accurate bunch, will need false hair and chignons. However not each woman will manage to collect bunch from hair. The excellent result is hard or magnificent plait with smooth hair combed backward and strong fixing. How to achieve it?

It is required to you

  • Water, hairpins, scrunchy, hairspray, hairbrush.


  1. Slightly moisten hair with water and brush them with massage hairbrush. It is necessary that to remove curly hair and to create smooth basis of hairstyle.
  2. Collect hair in hard tail on that place where you are going to place bunch. Owners of thin long neck are recommended to tie bunch in the bottom of nape if nape of a little uneven form, and the neck is not so long, then you perfectly will suit high magnificent bunch almost on the top.
  3. Carefully comb tail massage brush. The bunch has to turn out smooth and without roosters.
  4. The tail to the tip is twisted in hard plait and densely is wrapped around the elastic band holding the tail basis.
  5. The end of hair carefully hides under the bunch basis.
  6. By means of hairpins fix bunch from all directions.
  7. Drench the turned-out hairstyle with varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team