How to make carving of hair

How to make carving of hair

The carving is meant as the chemical treatment of hair which is one of types of long wave. The essence of this procedure consists in processing of hair by special structure, with turning of hair curlers of different diameter on them, boomerangs or rollers. After carving the hair look very beautifully throughout rather long time.

Procedure of carving

The carving not strongly differs from usual chemical wave. The main difference is use of more sparing structure. Besides, hair in consequence do not need to be cut off as the effect of wave will gradually come to naught and curls will become straight.

Before starting carving in house conditions, it is necessary to define structure and type of hair. Proceeding from it, it is necessary to select structure. The procedure on long and soft hair gives the maximum effect. In case of rigid head of hear, previously it is necessary to process it the softening means. It is necessary in order that hair incorporated moisture better.

The instruction which needs to adhere without fail has to be attached to the acquired structure. Observance of all safety rules will help to avoid negative consequences. After careful washing of the head, it is necessary to separate thin locks and to wind on them hair curlers. After all head is wound, it is necessary to cause the twisting structure. It is important that there was no dry site left. The procedure of carving has yielded the best result, the hat and the warming cap is put on the head. Having waited for time specified in the instruction for application without removing hair curlers, it is necessary to wash away structure from the head. At the same time it is not desirable to use shampoo. After washing off it is necessary to apply fixer, and through the period specified in the instruction to remove hair curlers. After repeated putting fixer the hair are once again washed with water. To revitalize a little head of hear, it is possible to use the injured hair balm.

After carving the hair become volume and obedient. They without effort can be laid in hairstyle.

Hair care after the procedure of carving

After the procedure of carving it is not recommended to wash the head within 3 days. It is necessary in order that the wave kept longer. The carving weakens health of hair therefore they need additional food and moistening. It is for this purpose recommended to use medical masks, balms and conditioners.

Not only the professional tools from shops but prepared in house conditions of means on the basis of root of burdock, dogrose, aloe juice will be suitable for improvement of hair.

During washing of the head it is not recommended to rub intensively hair towel or to comb them while they are wet. You should not fall asleep with damp head of hear, but also the phenom should not be dried. Better let will dry in the natural way. It is desirable to use the means protecting from ultraviolet rays in the flying. After carving it is possible to stack more accurate curls both by means of hair curlers, and by means of the curling iron. But it is necessary to do it not earlier than 5-7 days after the procedure.

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