How to make cliches for nails

How to make cliches for nails

Very popular direction in manicure is the neyl-art today – design of nails, creation of unique patterns on nails by means of set of ways: paintings, gluings of rhinestones, transfers, beads, color sand and dust, feathers and even piercing. One of the directions of neyl-art is pattern painting of nails. And though producers of different firms offer wide choice of ready cliches, but some women have desire to create the with unique pattern own hands.

It is required to you

  • - adhesive tape;
  • - stationery knife;
  • - nail varnish of different flowers;
  • - nail file;
  • - sponge for make-up or brush.


1. To issue nails by means of patterns, it is necessary to make cliches. For this purpose paste adhesive tape on glass and by means of knife you will cut out on it desirable pattern.

2. Before starting actually creative process, it is necessary to prepare for it your nails. It is necessary to remove old varnish, previously having softened skin of hands in bath with warm water. Further by means of nail file it is necessary to give to nails the necessary form. The nail of oval or almond-shaped form is considered genre classics, also rectangular form nails is still relevant.

3. Several recommendations concerning varnish. If you want manicure to remain on nails as long as possible, then before applying color varnish, put colourless basis. After putting varnish do not forget about the last stage – causing the fixing structure.

4. For drawing cliche you will need varnishes different, it is desirable contrast colors. For drawing basic coloring resistant varnishes are used. For drawings it is better to use brighter, brilliant quick-drying. For fixing of drawings use fixers.

5. The pattern which you will cut out on cliche should be chosen on own taste, but it is necessary to remember that too bright, persuasive drawing approaches not any clothes and can quickly bother.

6. Put at first basis, and then basic layer of color necessary to you. Apply cliche to nail and press most densely that there is no air "bubble" left anywhere.

7. Then by means of sponge for make-up or special foam brush apply decorative varnish, at the same time do not do the "smearing" movements. Surely wait until varnish completely dries, and only then accurately remove cliche. Do not forget to put the fixing colourless basis.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team