How to make coffee srub from cellulitis

How to make coffee srub from cellulitis

The coffee srub from cellulitis is preparing on the basis of coffee thick and other components, such as clay, honey, yogurt, sea salt, etc. It is possible to strengthen action of srub by means of wrappings.

It is required to you

  • - coffee thick, sea salt and vegetable oil;
  • - coffee thick, yogurt;
  • - coffee thick, clay;
  • - ground coffee, honey.


1. Cellulitis – not disease and with it it is quite comfortably possible to live, but practically all women having "orange-peel" dream to get rid of it. Coffee can help with it. This product is rich with large number of microelements – iron, sulfur, calcium, etc. And still it is considered the fine antioxidant capable "to extend" toxins. All large producers of cosmetics include coffee in structure of anti-cellulite means, but the curative smoothing structure on the basis of this product can be prepared easily and in house conditions.

2. The simplest option consists in taking 100-150 g of coffee thick, to mix it with the same amount of sea salt and to add to this srub 1 tablespoon of base oil – olive, almond, peach or vegetable. It is good to steam out skin before application of means, and after to apply it on problem places with massage movements, moving from below up. It is possible to strengthen action of srub by means of anti-cellulite wrapping.

3. Middle-aged ladies are recommended to do srub on the basis of yogurt. For this purpose it is necessary to mix 100 g of dry coffee thick from 250 g of natural unsweetened yogurt, it is good to mix and process it area of stomach, legs and buttocks. Mass the sites struck with "orange-peel", not less than 10 minutes. Such means as well as possible will be suitable for the mature skin inclined to dryness. For only 10 applications it will become more smooth, humidified and fresh.

4. If after shaving of legs you have irritation on skin, you can use such means: part 100 g of blue, black or pink clay in water so that the consistence of gruel has turned out. Add 50 g of coffee thick to this structure and well mix everything. Apply srub to skin massage movements and wash away warm water. If you have opportunity, it is better to leave means on skin for 1 hour, having wrapped problem places film and having put on warm linen.

5. The coffee and honey srub has the strong "breaking" effect. For its preparation it is necessary to add 100 g of ground coffee to 200 g of natural honey, to mix and put capacity with structure on water bath. In 5 minutes to remove from fire, to cool and process problem zones the massage pinching from time to time movements. Duration of the procedure is 10 minutes. This time is recommended to be spent on good massage of the sites struck "with orange-peel. Honey well extends excess liquid, and coffee allows to enhance this effect.

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