How to make cucumber lotion in house conditions

How to make cucumber lotion in house conditions

For face skin care use various cosmetics including lotions. Cucumber lotion which can be made also in house conditions is especially effective.

It is required to you

  • - cucumber juice;
  • - acid milk;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - medical alcohol;
  • - cucumber pulp;
  • - milk;
  • - salicylic acid;
  • - strawberry juice.


1. For bleaching of skin prepare lotion according to such recipe: mix 2-3 tablespoons of cucumber juice from 2-3 tablespoons of acid milk. Apply ready cosmetic to the prepared skin and leave for 8-10 minutes. Later wash water of comfortable temperature. You store ready cucumber lotion in densely corked glass capacity in the fridge it is no more than 5 days.

2. If you have fat type of skin with enlarged pores, the lotion consisting of cucumber and lemon juice will be ideal (ratio 1:1). Lemon juice perfectly disinfects integument and narrows pores, and cucumber juice softens and moisturizes the skin. Grease with ready cosmetic face skin twice a day.

3. In fight against strong greasy luster the lotion prepared according to the following recipe is effective: mix 40-50 ml of cucumber juice with 1 tablespoon of alcohol. Wipe with ready solution face twice a day: in several days skin will gain beautiful color, will become velvety and gentle.

4. To purify skin and to moisten it, prepare for it the lotion consisting of such ingredients: 2 tablespoons of cucumber juice and ½ tsps of honey. You apply ready cosmetic to skin twice-three times a day: this lotion perfectly purifies leather from residues of cosmetics. Use it for care for normal type of skin: it will help it to keep the beauty and appeal for a long time.

5. At the inflamed and shelled face skin care use the cucumber lotion prepared from 3-4 tablespoons of the cucumber pulp crushed in gruel and 100 ml of home-made cow's milk. Cool boiled milk up to the comfortable temperature and mix with cucumber gruel then leave mix to infuse 4-5 hours. Further filter infusion and pour it in dark bottle. Cover with ready lotion the inflamed skin twice-three times a day: after the first procedures you will notice that skin became gentle, elastic and beautiful. You store cosmetic in the fridge no more than 10 days.

6. Wipe the withering skin with lotion which consists of 50 ml of cucumber juice, 50 ml of strawberry juice, 0.5 g of salicylic acid and 150 ml of 45% alcohol. Perform the procedure in the morning and before going to bed for month, then take three-week break and repeat cosmetic procedures.

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