How to make curls in house conditions

How to make curls in house conditions

Magnificent curls will visually increase the volume of hair, will give to image of femininity and romanticism. Twist them electronippers, wind on hair curlers or hair curlers. The choice of way depends on type and length of your hair and also on what hair you are going to do.

The easiest way is to twist hair on hair curlers. What the hairstyle will turn out depends on their size. Very large hair curlers will help to raise hair at roots, hair curlers of the average size will create soft curls, and very thin will create magnificent shock of small spirals.

The hair curlers on velcros which are not leaving on curls of ugly zalom are very convenient.

Wash up hair, having processed them the conditioner for volume. Dry locks phenom and apply on them spray or mousse for wave. For convenience the part of hair can be fixed by clips. Separate small locks, comb them fine-tooth comb and wind on hair curlers from the ends to roots. Begin wave with nape and temples, moving ahead to the top and forehead. Dry hair phenom, and then accurately remove hair curlers. Sprinkle hair varnish and shake up them fingers. If it is necessary, slightly smooth curls brush, but do not comb them not to spoil curls.

Alternative option - soft foam hair curlers with wire inside. They can have different diameter. For short hair thin accessories are necessary, more volume will create beautiful long curls. The way of wave is simple. Divide hair into rather narrow locks, process everyone the fixing mousse, and then apply middle part of hair curlers to the end of lock and twirl hair. Having reached roots, sprain the ends and put them cross-wise so that the curtailed lock densely was recorded.

Beautiful curls in the form of long spirals can be made by means of soft tubular hair curlers. Work with them demands some skill. But after wave you can safely go to bed, future curls will not be rumpled, and hair curlers will not deteriorate. Accurately wind the locks moistened with the fixing spray or water between windings of hair curlers and leave them to fall down freely. Soft tubes do not injure hair, and curls look very naturally and keep all day. If you like abrupt curls and spirals, twist hair nippers. Before laying dry up fresh-washed locks phenom. Serially separate small parts of hair, sprinkle them thermoprotective laying spray and wind from tips of hair to roots. That the hairstyle has turned out volume, and curls looked naturally, wind locks diversely. Having processed all hair, let's curls cool down, and then spray them with varnish of moderate fixing and shake up fingers.

If hair are electrified, process them spray with antistatic effect

Small are effective curlies turn out when using house self-made hair curlers. Curtail rolls from white paper, inside enclose ties from strips of fabric or bandage. Wind the locks moistened with laying spray on pieces of paper, and then tie the free ends of hair curlers at roots of hair. Having finished laying, dry up its phenom. Untwist one hair curler. If the curl was recorded, and hair have completely dried, remove the remained pieces of paper. Let's curls cool down, throw them on the person, hang the head down and vigorously stir up hair. Sharply cast away them back and record varnish of moderate fixing.

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