How to make curls on long hair

How to make curls on long hair

Well well-groomed long hair are always beautiful, but, unfortunately, owners of long hair seldom trouble themselves laying. Most often we see "tail" on duty or node on nape. Here some of very simple councils how it is possible to make curls on long hair in only several minutes in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • For magnificent and natural curls you will need nippers of the big size, brush, crest for pile, clip for hair and also varnish of two types – for hot laying and fixing.


  1. Wash up hair soft shampoo and slightly dry them.
  2. Separate and collect part of hair (on the top) and fix them by clip.
  3. The lower locks, everyone separately, on one sprinkle a little varnish and wind nippers. Do not touch the wound curls – let's them be fixed well.
  4. Separate upper locks on one, serially comb everyone at roots, and spray varnish at roots of hair.
  5. Wind the separated locks nippers.
  6. Comb bang a little and walk nippers on all its length. Tighten up bang only slightly.
  7. Incline the head down, sprinkle the fixing varnish hair on all length, slightly trample down locks.
  8. Accurately distribute locks. The effective hairstyle is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team