How to make curls on short hair

How to make curls on short hair

Short hair can look also magnificently, as well as long if you know how to twist them. And irrespective of what length of your hair, you can twist them in different ways. Small, elastic curls will give you young, fervent look. Sexualities will add cold waves.


  1. The easiest way to twist short hair - to use curling tongs of small diameter. Just wrap locks around heated trunk of the curling iron, holding within minute, and then release. Then do the same with the following lock. After that style hair to your taste. After that, to keep curls on the place, apply on them hairspray. Hairsprays are produced different types. That is, if you want your curls freely to develop, choose varnish of easy fixing. Or if you wish that your curls remained on the place all day, then it is better to choose varnish of strong fixing - so your hair will remain on the place and will look good throughout the day.
  2. If your short hair are disobedient, you can try to use hair gel or mousse before using curling tongs. If you have fine hair, choose mousse which will add volume.
  3. You can also apply gel or mousse on hair and to lay them round brush. Wrap small locks of hair around brush, holding within minute, and then develop. Let your hair will dry in the natural way or dry up them by means of the hair dryer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team