How to make curly hair straight lines

How to make curly hair straight lines

If, being owner of curly hair, you have decided to deceive a little after all the nature and to make them straight lines, remember – there is no safe way of their straightening for a long time. Anyway, to make hair straight, it is necessary to break their natural structure. But, as we know, beauty does not do without the victims.


  1. The easiest way to straighten hair in house conditions is to use clearing in combination with the hair dryer. Big round brush extend moist hair and record in such state by means of hot air. After the end of procedure apply on locks means for laying. Hair will remain straight lines about day.
  2. The second way available in house conditions, this use of the iron for straightening hair. The device heats up to certain temperature and then, lock behind lock, by means of it curly hair is processed. When choosing the iron it is worth paying attention to surface – not to burn curls, it has to be ceramic.
  3. If your hair curl only very little, perhaps, you will be suitable one of professional tools for care for them. The majority of modern shampoos, masks, conditioners and balms have the straightening properties.
  4. More radical way is straightening in salon by means of chemical composition. Hair are processed by the chemicals which are deeply getting into their structure thanks to what become direct and obedient.
  5. Bio-hair straightening – new word in question of fight against curlies. At the heart of way – processing by the amino-cysteic acids getting into the core of hair and changing its structure, but without influence of chemical elements. But you do not hurry to run in hairdressing salon – this way is not cheap and influence it on hair up to the end are not studied yet.
  6. The most natural, but short way is use of natural masks for hair. Preparation of such mask requires mix of glass of fresh coconut milk with lemon juice which have stood in the fridge before formation of cream layer. It is necessary to apply this mix to head skin and to wrap hot towel. Then mask it is necessary to wash away and comb moist hair. If to repeat this procedure within three weeks, hair will become straight in the natural way.
  7. It is possible to use warm oil for hair straightening – it is necessary to warm up, apply it a little to head skin and to leave for a period of 15 up to 30 minutes, having wrapped the head warm towel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team