How to make easy curls

How to make easy curls

Easy waves on hair give womanly and romantic nature at once. Likely therefore wavy hair were always subject of desire of women. To make straight lines by nature hair curly, the set of devices has been invented. Hair curlers, the curling iron, the iron, the hair dryer and even chemical wave literally in several minutes can create the attracting curls on hair. At the same time according to most of stylists, easy waves on hair go practically to all women.

It is required to you

  • To create curls on the head, mousse, the special spray creating volume at roots, hair curlers, hairspray and also the hair dryer will be necessary for you.


  1. Before beginning laying surely wash up hair. In order that hair were obedient later shampoo surely apply the conditioner on the head. Dry hair towel a little. Now it is possible to start the laying.
  2. Apply a little means which it is used for giving of volume on hair. It can be mousse, skin or special cream. And here to raise curls at roots, it is better to take special spray which will allow not only to simulate hairstyle, but also the whole day will reliably fix it.
  3. After hair a little dry up, wind them on large hair curlers. It is also possible to use and hair curlers boomerangs. Further dry up hair by means of the hair dryer.
  4. Remove hair curlers carefully if there is need, then wait couple of minutes until they cool down. In order that laying kept record it by means of hairspray longer. However you should not do it too diligently, otherwise hair will look unnaturally.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team