How to make elastic stomach skin

How to make elastic stomach skin

Stomach - one of problem areas of body which loses the elasticity with age and droops. The lack of framework from bones for which muscles could be hooked leads to the fact that the stomach loses the elasticity by thirty years. It is possible to avoid this part of body of an ugly type in several ways.


1. Carry out regular exercises. Physical activity on muscles inevitably leads to improvement of condition of skin. The absence leads it to otvisaniye and unattractive look. Give to the stomach at least twenty minutes a day and condition of skin on it will improve in month. Lay down on floor, bend knees and put feet on floor, put hands for the head. Lift the body, using only press muscles, not straining at the same time neck. Repeat 20-30 times.

2. From the same starting position lift the body, twisting it. Reach elbow for opposite knee. This exercise will tighten sides and will create waist. Carry out any other exercises giving load of press. Choose their optimum combination individually, do not try to do set of repetitions at once. Increase loading gradually.

3. Stretch muscles on stomach. Extension - necessary element of beauty of your body. Carry out it as often as possible. Do inclinations, pull at the same time hand as it is possible further. Starting position for the following exercise - emphasis lying. Straighten hands, extend body behind the head up.

4. You watch food. The wrong diet and bad digestion serve as the reason of rounding of stomach and deterioration in condition of skin on it. Eat less fat, sweet, flour. Lean on fruit and vegetables.

5. You remember moistening. Any site of skin on body needs it. Buy body lotions with the tightening effect, use them every evening, applying to clean dry skin. The moisturized skin keeps elasticity and elasticity much longer.

6. You watch bearing. The correct posture guarantees not only lack of problems with backbone and internals, but also great appearance. Including your stomach. Having straightened back, you will tighten belt and will keep his muscles in constant suspense. It will positively affect condition of skin on it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team