How to make emo hairstyle on short hair

How to make emo hairstyle on short hair

Emo is certain style in clothes which is very popular among modern youth. As obligatory addition of this image serves peculiar hairstyle. It is easy to recognize it by black hair color, the "fragmentary" hairstyle and asymmetric bang closing part of the face.


  1. If you like hairstyle in emo style, but you are not emo kid, address the professional. The stylist will pick up to you asymmetric hairstyle at which there will be uneven bang. Behind hair have to be a little shorter.
  2. Dye your hair in black (it is possible just dark) color. It will be primary color of hairstyle. Paint hair along with highlighting. At the same time locks can be both clarified, and painted in bright colors.
  3. After coloring make the correct laying, it is obligatory with use of the fixing hair preparation (skins, varnish). Behind comb hair and lay so that they stuck out in different directions, and fix them by hairspray. It is possible to put on various bright hairpins and bows pile. Ahead straighten hair, divide into parting at the side and lay so that the bang closed part of the face.
  4. Make laying like "hedgehog". This hairstyle is the best option in style of emo for short hair. Comb hair up and by means of varnish of strong fixing fix them, having created similarity of thorns. The look at "prickles" will depend on variety of your imagination. Lay them or on all head, or only on nape.
  5. Consult to the hairdresser if have decided to make "mohawk" on the head. This laying demands certain length of hair (not too short and not really long). By means of gel raise hair up and exactly in the middle create the strip similar to comb at rooster. Hair around "mohawk", as a rule, are cut or absolutely shaved.
  6. Of style of emo it is characteristic, but the fragmentary bang is not obligatory. Make it equal and dense. Comb locks forward, cut so that the bang fell on eyes, and at will make length to nose tip. In emo style separate locks are allowed (as though unevenly cut off bang).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team