How to make epilation in armpits?

How to make epilation in armpits?

Vegetation in armpits at men and women appears during puberty then begins to deliver to the owners array of problems. The grown hair look not esthetically, absorb in themselves sweat smell, promote reproduction of bacteria. It is natural that to allow similar women (however, not only they) cannot and therefore in fight against undesirable hair use various methods.

There are several ways of removal of undesirable vegetation from body including in armpits. Depilation call ways by means of which only upper part of hair is removed. Shaving, use of the special cream dissolving the grown part of hair belong to it. It is plus at these ways a little: usability and availability. The razor surely has to be in arsenal of each fashionista. Besides, the effect of it will be in minute that is very convenient if to you it is necessary to be urgent in shape. Use of cream depilator, very popular in cosmetology, will demand some time. According to the instruction for application, they need to cover completely undesirable hair and in 5-25 minutes to remove cream together with vegetation the special pallet or just to wash away water.

If you for the first time use the depilator, carry out the test for allergy to the components which are contained in it. For this purpose apply cream on leg or hand, and then wash away.

Unfortunately, these ways of depilation give unstable effect: in several days the hair will grow again, and the procedure should be repeated anew.

For removal of hair in armpits use sensitive skin cream. And always attentively read instructions to means for depilation.

Much longer – from two to four weeks – hair do not appear at mechanical epilation.

Epilation – removal of hair together with root. This way means both saloon procedures, and application of means in house conditions.

For this purpose use electroepilator and also special wax which types on sale there is a lot of. Also for body care it is possible to use means for removal of hair of house production. For it it is required to pour out in small bucket of 5 tablespoons of sugar without hill, to fill in with one spoon of water and to add 1/3 teaspoons of citric acid or juice of half of lemon. Put ware on weak fire, wait until sugar is kindled, and leave it a little to boil before acquisition by mix of light-caramel color. Cool sugar paste then apply it on piece of fabric, paste the sticky party against growth of hair on area of armpit, take several seconds and sharply tear off material in the direction of growth of hair. It is also possible to make ball of sugar toffee, to roll it on hairy zone and to tear off the vegetation pasted to it. This way called sugaring or sugar epilation gains the increasing popularity recently. However after certain time the hair all the same will appear, and again it is necessary to combat them. Longer effect – up to several years – the saloon epilation directed to total destruction of hair follicle gives. As a result the bulb loses ability to growth. The laser epilation assumes impact on hair of the electric impulse capable to completely destroy its root. Similarly the photoepilation at which the powerful beam of light goes to problem zone works. By the way, after laser and photoepilations within several weeks are categorically contraindicated suntan and visit of sunbed. The electroepilation assumes destruction of hair follicle electric current. The chemical epilation is also known. At it the hair together with root is destroyed by special chemical composition. However, to receive desirable result, it will be necessary to conduct course from several sessions of procedures. Otherwise the epilation will be inefficient. Also It should be noted that these ways also do not allow to get rid of undesirable vegetation forever as they make impact only on the growing hair. They do not influence the bulbs which are at rest, so, through certain time the follicles will wake up, and the problem with hair will be current again.

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