How to make face pack of gelatin in house conditions

How to make face pack of gelatin in house conditions

Masks on the basis of gelatin became popular among women both owing to financial availability, and thanks to the high efficiency. The classical option of preparation of mask can be supplemented with various ingredients depending on specific features of skin and obtaining desirable result.

Useful properties of gelatin

Calcium, phosphorus, iron, complex of valuable minerals, amino acids, potassium, starch, fats, waters, carbohydrates – these components form chemical structure of gelatin of natural origin. In cosmetology practice mark out the following useful properties of gelatin:

– pulling up;

– regeneration;

– reduction of wrinkles;

– clarification of the clogged-up pores;

– mitigation;

– healing of small injuries of skin;

– increase in elasticity and elasticity of skin;

– alignment of color of upper integuments.

Mask on the basis of gelatin and genuine milk

Buy milk more than 15% fat and 1 bag of edible gelatin in advance. Take capacious bowl and fill 15 g of gelatin. Further pour 6 tablespoons of milk and for a while leave. Within 15 minutes you will notice that gelatin under the influence of liquid has begun to inflate. Pour weight in metal bucket and warm up on water bath, constantly stirring slowly. Do not allow boiling of ingredients.

Mask on the basis of gelatin and juice

Vegetable and fruit juice is optimum combined on structure with gelatin. Such types of juice as cucumber, carrot, orange, tomato and cabbage have beneficial influence on skin. Meet important condition – juice is squeezed out of natural products just before preparation of structure for mask. Take 20 g of gelatin fill in deep capacity. Pour trace 8 tablespoons of fresh juice and wait for swelling. Dissolve the remained gelatin crystals by means of heating on water bath.

Mask on the basis of gelatin and activated carbon

This recipe is one of substitutes of expensive masks films which can replace mix of gelatin, water and activated carbon. The basic rule is to follow strictly ratio of ingredients 2 parts of gelatin, 1.5 parts of water and 2-4 tablets of activated carbon. For the purpose of swelling, gelatin is dissolved in water, and then it is carried to appropriate state on water bath, as well as in the previous recipes. The tablet needs to be added before heating.

Do not forget that ready mix needs to be imposed thin layer on clean face skin and necks. Previously surely check mask temperature. Otherwise you can get skin burn. After the procedure accurately pick up edge of mask fingers and smoothly remove from face. Apply to skin the calming lotion or cream with the tightening effect.

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