How to make face skin clean and smooth?

How to make face skin clean and smooth?

Well-groomed face skin is not only indicator of safe human health, but also esthetic component of its appearance. For face cleansing and giving of smoothness to it there are various means and procedures: peelings, masks, lotions, etc.

One of the most important rules on face skin care – morning and evening water procedures (washing). Throughout the day settles dust, harmful bacteria, microbes and toxins on face. All this mixes up with cosmetics. As result – completely clogged up face pores and the next inflammations in the form of pimples. To minimize this risk, it is necessary to wash by means of the soft cleaning means, for example in the form of gel or skin. It is necessary to wipe face only clean or disposable towel.

It is not necessary to squeeze out pimples on the face. It is important to know that each squeezed-out pimple can leave scar or hem. Such methods to make skin beautiful and smooth, naturally, will not turn out.

It is useful to wipe in the morning and in the evening face skin with the cosmetic cotton pad moistened with the special lotion which is picked up under the corresponding type of skin. But it is possible to resort in this case to use of folk remedies, having prepared cucumber and milk mix. For this purpose the fresh cucumber cut on pieces is filled in with glass of warm milk then half an hour infuses, and then - filtered. Juice of cucumber is natural lotion which carefully cleans and pulls together pores on face. This means will be suitable for clarification of dry and normal skin.

By means of various srubs it is possible to clean face skin from the keratosic cages rather effectively. Such clarification will accelerate process of its regeneration and will make skin of more smooth. The most widespread cleaning means is the so-called coffee srub. The coffee thick gets divorced small amount of olive oil and is put by massage movements on face. Procedure duration – five minutes. After that mix is washed away, and the moisturizing cream is put on face. Use of srub is undesirable to once thicket in week.

For appearance skin it is daily necessary to drink about nine glasses of purified water. It is the best of all to do it in the first half of day. It will help to keep water balance in skin cells, doing it attractive.

To make face skin more smooth and velvety, it is possible to apply various masks, for example banana and milk. The puree made by means of these ingredients evenly is put on face and is left in such view of half an hour. The mask prepared from honey and egg white has the same effect. Besides smoothness the proteinaceous and honey mask is capable also to level skin color. To people with oily skin of the person the special mask from lemon, grapes and egg yolk will help to achieve its smoothness. Juice of lemon will clean and will bleach skin, the yolk will feed it, and grape juice – will make softer. To people with dry face skin of effect of smoothness the mask from olive oil, lemon and honey will help to achieve. These mixes keep on face within ten minutes then are washed away by cold water. All above-mentioned masks can be done several times a week.

If on face there are hems or scars, then it is possible to try them to remove by means of small crushed crude potatoes. For this procedure potato gruel it is necessary to hold quarter of hour on face then – to wash away cold water.

For appearance skin the important value has also healthy nutrition of the person. Food has to be saturated large amount of vitamins, microelements and antioxidants. Besides, looking after face skin, it is necessary to resort to any given physical exercises: the constant muscular activity promotes conclusion from organism of harmful toxins, oxygenating it.

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