How to make face skin elastic in house conditions

How to make face skin elastic in house conditions

Face skin needs special attention. Even in youth the face can lose elasticity because of the wrong leaving. That it did not happen, it is necessary to meet some indispensable conditions. Will help to make face skin elastic in house conditions national recipes with application of the most available products.

Cream, balm, masks and tonics are means for regular use. It is impossible to forget also about srubs. For each woman the face is business card. Therefore face skin always has to be ideal, and achieve it not so difficult. Especially as there are recipes checked for years.

Practically all oils well I influence skin. But there are some from which action skin changes literally in the eyes. It is possible to tone up it anise, to smooth wrinkles – valerian, and orange will help to improve blood circulation. Further business in elasticity. The best assistants in they are oils of carnation, fir-tree, Myrrha and incense.

The recipe which the Scandinavian beauties use can be tested on themselves, having bought quality milk and home-made cottage cheese in shop. It is necessary to mix only components and to put them on face three times a week. Skin will look younger, will return former elasticity. And one more secret of the Scandinavian girls – the bathtub with two liters of goat milk will create miracles with body!

Have begun to add this component to cosmetics in Switzerland. Do not miss chance and try mask with porridge in structure: a few oat flakes which are in advance soaked in milk need to be put on face. It is necessary to do such mask every day all week that in 7 days in mirror to see the owner of the rejuvenated skin, incredibly elastic and very smooth. The wonderful effect is explained by vitamins of group B and folic acid.

Light honey massage for a start, and after a few time with mask from honey on face. You wash away honey warm water and you enjoy the blossoming appearance. Do not forget that honey needs to be taken in addition and inside, and not just to please with it skin outside.

It is simple to receive the tightened face form without operation - for washing it is recommended to use water in which potatoes cooked. And it is possible to boil potatoes in "uniform", after to clean it and to use peel as mask, imposing it on face skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team