How to make face skin is lighter

How to make face skin is lighter

Light skin does the person younger and more gentle. For this reason various bleaching means for it are still in great demand. But, if to trust advertizing, for achievement of effect expensive cosmetics are required. Actually it is possible to clarify skin on several tones and without them.

  • - oat flakes;
  • - honey;
  • - brown cane sugar;
  • - milk;
  • - lemons;
  • - cucumbers;
  • - potatoes;
  • - egg yolk;
  • - cream;
  • - fat cottage cheese;
  • - 10% hydrogen peroxide;
  • - vodka.

1. Use natural srubs. They not only will promote bleaching, but also will provide soft clarification of skin. For example, take small amount of oat flakes and fill in them with boiled water. Let's weight cool down. Then add natural honey, cane brown sugar and milk. Massage movements put srub on face.

2. Try to make skin is lighter by means of mask on the basis of lemon. For this purpose you need to squeeze out by means of the juice extractor or manually couple of large lemons. Add cucumber juice (3:1) to their juice. It is possible to use cucumber lotion for this purpose. Put cotton tampon mix on face. Long time you should not hold this mask as it rather aggressively influences skin. Three-five minutes quite will be enough. Wash away what will not be absorbed in skin warm water. It is not necessary to put such mask too often as it makes also the drying impact.

3. You can use also just fresh cucumber for skin bleaching. Grate it and put the turned-out gruel on face for 10 minutes. To do similar mask one night better. To enhance effect, add to cucumber weight slightly your daily skin cream.

4. The potato bleaching mask. Mix 50 g of boiled potatoes, egg yolk, 25 ml of warm milk that homogeneous mass has turned out. You will put on steam bath for 20-30 minutes. Put mask on the face greased with lemon juice for 20 minutes, from above cover with dense fabric. Wash away mask at first warm, and then cold water.

5. If you have dry skin, use cream and fat cottage cheese for its bleaching. Mix them in equal proportions, add as much some lemon juice and 5 drops of 10% of peroxide of hydrogen. Apply to skin for 10-15 minutes, then wash away warm water.

6. For bleaching of oily skin mix cucumber juice with vodka in proportion 1:1, let's infuse. Moisten gauze napkin in the turned-out solution and cover with it the person for 15-20 minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team