How to make fine hair volume

How to make fine hair volume

Many girls possessing fine hair dream of volume and magnificent head of hear. To make it rather simply, there is set of the modern and checked ways.

So, the most widespread way to make hair is more volume - multilayer hairstyle. Such correctly picked up hairstyle will add not only splendors, it also looks stylish and fashionably.

Before any manipulations with hair the head needs to be washed. To add volume to fine hair, before laying the hair need to be washed shampoo for volume, and then to use balm for the volume of hair of the same brand. That hair were more obedient and brilliant it is possible to put mask.

The known way following all - laying phenom and on hair curlers. If you have multilayer hairstyle, then it is worth stacking it by means of brushing from roots by the ends. Before laying it is possible to apply special mousse for the volume of hair on hair. You should not apply gel as it makes heavier hair on fine hair. The brushing can be used different diameters. Hot air of the hair dryer should be directed from above on hairbrush, at the same time extending hair. Tips when drying can be bent as in inside, and outside. Before drying you should not forget to apply thermoprotective spray as there is risk to burn hair.

Laying on hair curlers demands a little more time and patience. It is necessary to apply a little mousse or liquids for laying on the washed-up moist hair. Wind hair curlers from the end to root, densely pressing hair. Hair curlers can be used the different size and diameter, depending on what curl it would be desirable to receive. After you have wound all head, it is possible to dry the wound hair curlers a little phenom, as a result time of turning will considerably be reduced. At the end of laying it is possible to podchesat the wound or styled hair a little at roots for bigger volume. However here it is necessary not to be overzealous, otherwise your hairstyle can resemble beehive.

There is set of saloon procedures for creation of volume on fine hair. One of such procedures is lamination. It will make fine and rare hair not only volume, but also more dense and brilliant. In end it is possible to draw several conclusions. In order that to fine hair to add volume, it is necessary to raise them at roots. For achievement of bigger result it is possible to podchesat hair and to fix hairstyle by varnish. Lach should spray about 30 cm at distance and it is desirable under roots of hair. It is necessary to splash very little, otherwise hair will stick together. Before exit, it is also possible to apply a little spray for hair shine on ready laying.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team