How to make flower on nails

How to make flower on nails

The condition of hands can or improve impression about the person, or spoil it for ever. It is always pleasant to hold by hand the woman with beautiful and accurate manicure. And if ladies are more senior prefer monophonic covering varnishes of pastel tones, young persons can experiment with color and the drawing. One of the main and simplest ornaments – flower which can be made independently in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • nail varnish of several shades, paint-varnish, firm dot brush - dots.


1. By means of special means remove residues of the previous varnish from nails. After that wash up hands with soap and dry wipe with napkin. It is possible to wipe nails with cotton pad with alcohol use to degrease them.

2. Put layer of the transparent protectant which will not allow hazardous substances to get from varnish to nails. Let's dry.

3. If the dress code at work or in educational institution does not assume bright make-up and manicure, flowers can be drawn also on transparent background with not striking shades of blue or pink varnish, white paint. If you want to make bright festive manicure, cover nails with layer of color varnish.

4. On the sheet of paper drip a little paint-varnish. Take dots and slightly dip that its edge which size will be suitable for creation of flower in varnish. After that quickly, without allowing varnish even to dry up slightly, put to nail plate the end - flower petals. Wait until they dry up.

5. For creation of core of flower it is possible to use varnish of other shade or varnish with gloss. Technology of drawing the same, as in the previous case: to dunk dots into varnish and to put the end.

6. If you want to make flower brighter and interesting, from above on petals small edge of dots it is possible to put still droplets of varnish of other color or varnish with gloss. Try to put them accurately, without leaving abroad the previous layer.

7. After drying of the drawing to pokoyta nails layer of transparent varnish – it will protect ornament from fast deleting.

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